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Can One Person Grow The Mind of The World?

Can One Person Grow The Mind of The World?.

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Want to go to The Movies?

Join Me on A Date!

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Appreciate The Indicators

Recently I received a scathing email saying I wasn’t spiritual because I won’t give away my energy work. Thank You! This is such a wonderful indicator, letting me know where I’m at vibrationally!  I could get mad, feel bad, talk about how sad it is OR I can be glad to see it for what it is……… a priceless indicator.

Why not get mad? Fight for my Deservability to be paid for what I do? Well the most important reason is because that feels awful! I choose to appreciate the indicator because it shows me that there is something active within me .  And this beautiful indicator even identifies where the negative energy and resistance is located!

In the feeling of Worthiness.  When you are able to identifiy where the resistance is, you are then able to own it, love it and let it go.

For the last 3 years while on my journey to master my mind, surrounding myself with the finest minds in the world, I have made all the tools, techniques and wisdom that’s been shared with me available to anyone at anytime at no cost through the abundance of free resources on Mind Grow Radio and through my personal site.

Recently I began offering sessions at a fee which really activated a bunch of stuff for me vibrationally.  During the last 3 years I have thought way to freedom and learned to master my emotions by practicing on the vibrational scale. What I discovered was by seeing EVERY experience as an indicator of where I am on that scale I have learned to master myself.

When there is a worth issue activated, you may find yourself thinking disempowering thoughts such as “Who am I to charge money for this”? or ” Why would someone pay me?”  Creating doubt and moving you down the vibrational scale every time you give it your attention.

By appreciating the indicators you can deliberately take back your control and move yourself back up with practice rather than sliding down into despair.

The beauty of the email I received was it’s powerful indication that MY vibration needed attention, and that in itself is more powerful than words can describe.

Everyone gets to choose how they feel in each moment and my priority is feeling good. If I’m not feeling good, I know that nothing I’m working on is going to go right.

I also know that when I’m out of alignment and I take action, frustration will be my constant companion until I find a way to feel better.  So the minute I feel myself in a state of disconnect, I stop what I’m doing and Re-Boot my state of mind.

This practice has proved to be extremely powerful in many ways and my favorite way is the way I feel myself expanding into the fullest version of who I am every time I do it……. and to me nothing feels better than that.

If you want to know how you’re doing vibrationally just ask YOURSELF ” Where am I at vibrationally”? and then pay attention to who and what comes into your experience. You will get immediate indicators to show you exactly where you are. Every experience that shows up will be a perfect match to your vibration everytime, No exceptions.

When you practice yourself into alignment by appreciating the indicators for what they are, You have discovered the true meaning of freedom.

If you would like to work with me and learn how to release your resistance you can schedule a risk-free session here RELEASE MY RESISTANCE

and if you are a SERIOUS Leading Edge Thinker who is ready to Align with what you want, connect with me to find out about my ELITE 90 Day  program.

by Stephanie Kathan

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What’s Your Allowance?

Today I came to a realization that I’m sure many will relate to- The Allowance we give ourselves.  Whether it’s emotional or monetary, we generally reward ourselves last.

As I have traveled this journey to master my mind, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some of the finest minds in the world, and the one thing they all have in common is they have learned to pay themselves first.

They have made a decision, they set an allowance for themselves and they never waver from that vibration.

Generally when we think of “allowance” we think of the few bucks our parents gave now and then for behaving within their guidelines, but it goes much deeper.

What we allow ourselves to do be or have determines what we do be or have!

So coming to this realization I have made the decision to up my allowance.

I’m allowing myself to be happy no matter what anyone else is doing.

I am allowing myself to experience Freedom and all that means to Me.

I am allowing myself to rise up to the person I have become.

What Allowance are you gong to give yourself?  How about allowing yourself to see the beauty in every day?  Maybe you will allow yourself to look for and acknowledge the many good things unfolding in your life every day.

This simple shift in thinking can change your life and your lifestyle……… And Aren’t you worth it? YES You Are!

You can learn more about mastering your own mind by joining me on the Tess and Bess Show where 20 Visionaries have come together to share their wisdom with you and it’s totally free to attend. Just go here and sign up.

The Conscious Convergence Series

I invite you to enjoy the Abundance of free resources for the leading edge mind available at Mind Grow Radio

and remember to pick up a journal as you practice being a deliberate creator. Allow yourself to step into your Greatness and bring your dreams to life!

I have designed 2 daily journals with your well being in mind to guide you toward all that you are. Get yours here Journal Power .

I’m having a launch party on my Facebook Fan Page for my upcoming book

“From Despair to Aware” and you are invited! So make sure you stop by and join me by clicking like at the top of the page when you get there….. and remember to bring your party hat!

Join Me on Facebook!

by Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie is the Host of “The Journey and creator of “Mind Grow Radio”

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The “IT” Factor – Alignment

We all go through life searching for “IT”.  We know on some level “it” exists, we know we should have “it” in our lives, the problem is we don’t really know what “it” is so we continue to look outside of ourselves to find it.

Every once in a while you feel so good in your skin and you think is this “it”?  And then your focus shifts back into fear and once again you go in search of something on the outside to make you feel good again.

The “IT” Factor is Alignment.

Those times when you find yourself in a state of Joy, you are in Alignment.  When you are in a state of appreciation you are in Alignment.  When you are loving, you are in Alignment.

When you find yourself having a great hair day, hitting all the green lights and feeling fabulous…….. You are Aligned with who you really are.

We have been conditioned in life to pay more attention to what is going wrong than what is going right and this conditioning keeps you stuck in a mindset of lack, fear and sometimes can throw you right into Despair if you allow it to.

You have the power to condition your own mind and control your own emotions.  So when you find yourself in Alignment, notice it, Acknowledge how good it feels and then bask in it for as long as you can.

The more you practice shifting your vibration, the easier it becomes and soon Alignment will be the dominant frequency within you.

Alignment is indeed the “IT” factor that changes lives, the great news is that it’s ready and waiting for you to tune into it.

I used to have a huge to do list every day, which at times would overwhelm me just looking at it. Then one day I heard myself say “When you give up the struggle for control, you give up the struggle”. W0W!

I stopped trying to control the uncontrollable, and I focused all of my attention on the one thing I can control……… ME.

Now there is only one thing on my list everyday….. Be in Alignment. I know when I’m Aligned with Who I Am everything else just falls into place.

“When one person is in Alignment, they are more powerful than millions who are not”

– Abraham Hicks

I invite you to test it in your life for the next day or two.

Put “Be In Alignment” on the top of your to do list and experience the magic for yourself.
With the Power of your focus you have the ability to create and enjoy the life you deserve…….. and you deserve the best this life has to offer.
Decide you want it, Claim it as yours and then align with your decision by seeing yourself living what you want in your minds eye.  Imagine the feeling of elation when you are experiencing it in your mind, and then acknowledge your power as the Universe yields to you in the most creative ways.
Everyone has the ability to achieve the “IT” factor of Alignment, but few take the time to do it and then spend their time complaining about all that is wrong in their life.
If your life is not pleasing you at this moment, you can take comfort in knowing that it is within your power to change it and you can begin right now by simply finding something to feel good about.  When you make the decision to make the way you feel more important than anything else, you will discover the true “IT” factor you’ve been searching for.
Stephanie Kathan
Stephanie Kathan is the Host of
and creator of
and Author of “From Despair to Aware”  which will be available on Amazon August 15!


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OMG- I am becoming my Mother!

Scary thought for most of us right? That doesn’t mean you didn’t love your mother. I loved my mother very much, but when I came to the heart stopping realization today that my life in some ways was mirroring hers………. It was time to do some thought deconstruction!

I looked back over the last couple of weeks to try to find the origin of these thoughts and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  My mother had been legally blind for several years before her death, and I remember thinking when I couldn’t see the television, Wow, I feel like my mother.

The next thing was our smoke detector. It began beeping like it does when you need to change the battery, which we did immediately yet still it kept chirping for 2 days as we kept struggling with removing the battery, replacing it again, and trying to silence the irritating chirp. Cody and I were remembering a time when this happened to my mother and she had him convinced there was a bird loose in the house. It was funny at the time, because it kept him busy for hours looking for the mystery bird that kept singing it’s song……. and I remember again having the thought….. Wow, I feel like my mother.

When I woke up yesterday morning with a pain in my hip I was confused.  I thought why is this happening? I found myself limping to the park with Trinity…….. and you guessed it…… thinking OMG I feel like my mother!

Now it makes sense! Our thoughts are so powerful that when you see your life in a certain way and add feelings to it as I was, it is inevitable to experience the things I was creating in my life!  Now that I know what the thought was that got this unpleasant ride started, I can begin to reconstruct the thoughts, building bridges and pathways to the life I want to live instead of mirroring the one I have already lived.

I began thinking very general. I am not my mother, this I know for sure. I am my own person. I have the ability to release the resistance these thoughts have created in my body and experience the connection to who I really Am.

I know that my thoughts are powerful, and I see how the pathways I was building led me to where I am. That is Empowering. It let’s me know I am the creator of this experience, and I have the ability to create and experience something different than what my circumstances are currently showing.

As I continued this general talk about what I Know…… I began to feel immediate relief.  It’s a strange phenomenon……. but real none the less.

Your thoughts are what constructs the pathways you follow in your life. Many just live by default, believing they have no control over what their circumstances are.  I have come to learn that the circumstances are nothing more than indicators, telling you the kind of thoughts you’ve been thinking.  Coming to that understanding is one of the most empowering for me.

If you have looked at yourself in the mirror of life, and seen your mother or father looking back at you…… don’t worry. You are You, and You are the only one who has the ability to create the life you want to live.  You also have the ability to live the life that is dealt to you, that’s how free you are.

I think we all have a deep fear of becoming our parents. It doesn’t mean we don’t love them, or they were bad people…… it just means that you want to be YOU, and that is exactly who you should be.

Love who you are, Love who your parents are, and understand that although they did the best they could with what they knew at the time, you are not required to live the life they lived. You have the right to live the life you want to live, do what you love…… but most of all…….. You are free to just be You.

I no longer fear becoming my mother and when I let go of my fear I found that everything else just seemed to work itself out.

Be You- And love who you are~

by Stephanie Kathan


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Setback to Comeback

I woke up this morning out of alignment in a big way.  I felt I had experienced a setback of grand proportion.  Those of you who know me, Know of my unquenchable thirst for knowledge and for learning from the finest minds in the world.

When Brendon Burchard showed up as a teacher in my experience I knew I wanted to learn from him and made the decision to do so before I even finished his first free video training.

I was sure I could attract a solution that would allow me to attend his 6 week online course.  I focused, I visualized and I felt confident as I remembered that I had attracting things like this before.  In the past I had attracted admission to live events with Jack Canfield 2 years in a row and one of those years was even as a VIP!

Then it happened………. Doubt came knocking.  And I answered the door.

Soon there seemed to be a doubt fest going on in my mind.  And my response was to try to take control over the situation by taking action.

I began trying to control the uncontrollable, with my only result being frustration and doubt in my own abilities.

Needless to say, the program closed at Midnight and I went to bed with thoughts of knowing I wasn’t going to be one of his students.

No Wonder I woke up out of Alignment!

So after doing some focusing, I started looking for the indicators of what is going right. And boy did I find Lots of them!

Once I began deliberately looking in that direction I realized how truly blessed I am.  I realized that this  is not a setback. This is an opportunity for a comeback and not for the benefit of anyone else………but for the sole benefit of my own expansion. WOW!

I realized that no-one has the power to decide what I learn or from who……except for Me. 

It was an opportunity to acknowledge where I was on the vibrational scale, and deliberately move my way up.

It was the opportunity to grab onto the Positive side of the Worthy Stick I had been beating myself with and Declare My Value.

I can tell you, after focusing and taking time to re-align with Who I Really Am, I feel the expanded version of Me already taking shape.

Who knows the creative ways I will be able to learn from the great teachers the Universe has brought me together with……..

All I know is that by trusting in All that Is, it will turn out better than anything I could have orchestrated through action.

We all face setbacks. Sometimes several times a day.  It’s how we respond to them that makes the difference in our lives.

Now I no longer see any experience as a setback.  Instead I see it as an opportunity to grow.

If you’ve been experiencing what feels like setbacks in your life…….start smiling!

And realize that you are about to make the biggest comeback Ever!

It’s always an honor to connect with you here on the leading edge of thought. Thank you for joining me on this Journey of self-discovery.


Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie is the Host of

“The Journey” and creator of

Mind Grow Radio

Tune in for leading edge programming on her World TV Channel

Leading Edge TV

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Are You a Label Shopper?

I don’t mean the tags on your clothes. I mean do you shop around in the label  stores of others as you sort through the opinions to find the one that fits you the best? Consider this a new shoppers guide- The Labels will always make your ass look fat, leaving you feeling less than worthy to wear the life you’ve chosen.

Of course Label Shopping is totally in complete control of your free will, and your credit there has no limits.  You are so free you can continue to browse, try on this one and that one, pondering each look through the mirror of Life…….. Each layer weighing down your confidence until soon you don’t remember how to fill your closets with anything other than labels……..hanging on the skeletons of past opinions of who others think you are.

I challenge you to give label free shopping a try.  This new shopping style is not for everyone. It can cause Extreme Inspiration, An Eruption of smiles……Some have even been seen breaking out into song…….but what is so strange is

Some have experienced Elation simply by returning their previously picked up label, Unopened through the Mental Branch of this shopping experience.  I also been told the Universal Customer Service that handles all returns is Outstanding.

If you have been a label shopper in the past, or have recently found yourself browsing for Approval in the opinion section, Just Remember- The only opinion that matters is the one you have of yourself.

Please Enjoy your Label Free Life Experience.


Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie Kathan is the Host of “The Journey

and creator of

Mind Grow Radio and

Leading Edge TV

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The Alligators in my Mind

Today I woke with a bit of a headache. I felt out of alignment and I knew that somehow I had to adjust my vibration. As I made some coffee I tried to reach for thoughts of Appreciation.  I took Trinity to the park, and my  headache felt the relief immediately.  I was nervous about Today’s show. 

On the bus ride to the office where I broadcast my show I found myself becoming more anxious about my interview with today’s guest Actor turned Thought Leader Freeman Michaels. As my nerves got the better of me I began seeing images in my mind of all the things that could go wrong….. and there it was.

I had just opened the door and the negative doubts began to flow through like I had a Vacancy Sign in my mind blinking “Hey! ALL Negative Thoughts! There’s an Opening Here!

This is a pretty predictable story now that I have stepped back from it I can see how I constructed this pathway into this experience.

I had arrived at the office, I had promoted the show, posted several links and even sent Freeman a message telling him how honored I was that he was joining me on the show, but still I felt unsettled. Can you guess what happened?

4 Minutes before Show Time…… The entire Internet Connection went out. Not just at my house, but all over Brattleboro. I can’t make any posts, I can’t do my show, and I can’t even let my listeners know what was happening! I was sure Freeman was trying to call in and there was nothing I could Do!

So, I called my friend and colleague Bobby Donohue from the Reality Show

Be A Rockstar in a panic. He (being the level headed rockstar he is) assured me he would get a message to Freeman, and he would also let my listeners know I was attacked by Alligators, and then he reminded me that all is well.

So as I sat there just thinking, I realized that I had created this! When Bobby said I was attacked by alligators the truth of those words hit me like a ton of bricks!  I had allowed the alligators into my mind in the form of doubts and they had feasted on my confidence.  What a Powerful Aha Moment.

As I continued to sit there, the internet connection beyond my control, I found myself surrendering the struggle once again.  I imagined the conversation I had with Len Branson when he told me “Stephanie everything that happens, happens for a Good Reason”, and as I focused on those words I felt myself releasing the resistance I had created.

I could let all of this ruin My Day, My Week, My Career….. OR I can release my oars and step into the stream of well-being and let it carry me back into alignment.

We all have things happen to us, and we all experience things that are beyond our control.  Something good did come out of this experience for me.  I’ve had the opportunity to focus myself back into alignment by sharing this experience and I have a renewed sense of appreciation for the challenges in life and the opportunity that comes with them.

Life happens to us all. Live It…. Love It…. and Learn From It.


Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie Kathan is the Host of

The Journey

and the Creator of

Mind Grow Radio

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The Revolving Relationship Door

The Revolving door is Always in Motion.


While traveling this journey, I have come to understand the reality of the revolving relationship door, the powerful meaning of the word reciprocal and how to turn yourself around when you find your reality is a two way relationship built on a one way street.

For most of my life I guarded my relationship door with judgements and criticisms only allowing those I felt worthy to enter and then expecting them to stay forever,  depending on them in some way to attain happiness, believing it was the responsibility of another to give me this thing (happiness) I could not have by myself.

As I moved through the break-ups with life and new beginnings moved through the door, family members passed on and as I tried to look more for happiness outside of myself……

I grew more unhappy inside, blaming my relationship with others for my circumstances.



It wasn’t until I took responsibility for my own life that the revolving door made sense and I  let go of the title of “Gatekeeper” that I had been holding for so long.


What I began to realize is that no-one is responsible for my happiness….. except Me.

I began to enjoy my own company and I stopped making others responsible for the way I felt.

As I really practiced this, I realized something else……  my friends were not hanging out so much and friendships I thought were for “life” had begun to fall away.

This may sound like a loss to some….. and a fear that seems hard to face (it was for me for many years)….

The truth is you don’t lose anything.

The friends and family that moved out through the door made way for new relationships to come in.

I began to look at people coming through my revolving door as opportunities to receive information and direction as I held my intention to learn from the finest minds in the world…….

What I discovered was that was exactly who I found myself surrounded by.

I realized it is not the responsibility of someone else to make me happy…..  it is my own responsibility.

I discovered that it’s how I feel, that creates the happiness I enjoy in my own life…  doorway

and I had to decide to walk through that door on my own.

For some people this way of thinking seems too selfish.  We are conditioned to believe that we must sacrifice our own dreams and desires to make others happy and be the gatekeeper, not only for our life, but we try to control the relationships of other people as well.

I have come to understand that if I am falling apart, I am of no use to those I love…..

And when I’m in a state of Well -Being, Everyone in my life benefits!

There are those who will come into my life, stay for a moment and some will stay for a lifetime.  My revolving door will continue to flow with relationships that enhance and expand me…… allowing me to learn and grow.

Do not fear when a relationship has fallen away.  The Universe will bring those qualities you liked in the form of another relationship through your revolving door.

Discover who you are and learn to enjoy your own company.  If you don’t really like YOU, How do you expect others to like you?

Only YOU are responsible for Your own happiness and if you are open, your revolving door will bring wonderful opportunity to you in the form of relationships with others……

And you have all the support of the Universe on your side, but in the end happiness is an inside job that flows from the inside out.

Happiness Inside = Happiness Outside.

The choice is yours.  You can make the decision today to create your own happiness.   You can decide to enjoy the well being that is here surrounding you and flowing through your revolving relationship door.

The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with YOU and YOU.

Once you develop that relationship, everything else in your life will just fall into place.


Stephanie Kathan

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