Posted by: stephaniekathan | June 8, 2011

The “IT” Factor – Alignment

We all go through life searching for “IT”.  We know on some level “it” exists, we know we should have “it” in our lives, the problem is we don’t really know what “it” is so we continue to look outside of ourselves to find it.

Every once in a while you feel so good in your skin and you think is this “it”?  And then your focus shifts back into fear and once again you go in search of something on the outside to make you feel good again.

The “IT” Factor is Alignment.

Those times when you find yourself in a state of Joy, you are in Alignment.  When you are in a state of appreciation you are in Alignment.  When you are loving, you are in Alignment.

When you find yourself having a great hair day, hitting all the green lights and feeling fabulous…….. You are Aligned with who you really are.

We have been conditioned in life to pay more attention to what is going wrong than what is going right and this conditioning keeps you stuck in a mindset of lack, fear and sometimes can throw you right into Despair if you allow it to.

You have the power to condition your own mind and control your own emotions.  So when you find yourself in Alignment, notice it, Acknowledge how good it feels and then bask in it for as long as you can.

The more you practice shifting your vibration, the easier it becomes and soon Alignment will be the dominant frequency within you.

Alignment is indeed the “IT” factor that changes lives, the great news is that it’s ready and waiting for you to tune into it.

I used to have a huge to do list every day, which at times would overwhelm me just looking at it. Then one day I heard myself say “When you give up the struggle for control, you give up the struggle”. W0W!

I stopped trying to control the uncontrollable, and I focused all of my attention on the one thing I can control……… ME.

Now there is only one thing on my list everyday….. Be in Alignment. I know when I’m Aligned with Who I Am everything else just falls into place.

“When one person is in Alignment, they are more powerful than millions who are not”

– Abraham Hicks

I invite you to test it in your life for the next day or two.

Put “Be In Alignment” on the top of your to do list and experience the magic for yourself.
With the Power of your focus you have the ability to create and enjoy the life you deserve…….. and you deserve the best this life has to offer.
Decide you want it, Claim it as yours and then align with your decision by seeing yourself living what you want in your minds eye.  Imagine the feeling of elation when you are experiencing it in your mind, and then acknowledge your power as the Universe yields to you in the most creative ways.
Everyone has the ability to achieve the “IT” factor of Alignment, but few take the time to do it and then spend their time complaining about all that is wrong in their life.
If your life is not pleasing you at this moment, you can take comfort in knowing that it is within your power to change it and you can begin right now by simply finding something to feel good about.  When you make the decision to make the way you feel more important than anything else, you will discover the true “IT” factor you’ve been searching for.
Stephanie Kathan
Stephanie Kathan is the Host of
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  1. Hey Stephanie, great post.

    I partcularly like: “You have the power to condition your own mind and control your own emotions. So when you find yourself in Alignment, notice it, Acknowledge how good it feels and then bask in it for as long as you can.”

    Thanks for taking the time to share your insights.

    Jennie Armato

    Author “The Law of Alignment”

    • Thanks so much Jennie! Basking is one of my Favorite things to do!

      • Me too – it’s like savoring a fine flavor – let it linger and enjoy.

        Mmmm, delicious! LOL

        Jen xo

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