Posted by: stephaniekathan | July 13, 2011

Appreciate The Indicators

Recently I received a scathing email saying I wasn’t spiritual because I won’t give away my energy work. Thank You! This is such a wonderful indicator, letting me know where I’m at vibrationally!  I could get mad, feel bad, talk about how sad it is OR I can be glad to see it for what it is……… a priceless indicator.

Why not get mad? Fight for my Deservability to be paid for what I do? Well the most important reason is because that feels awful! I choose to appreciate the indicator because it shows me that there is something active within me .  And this beautiful indicator even identifies where the negative energy and resistance is located!

In the feeling of Worthiness.  When you are able to identifiy where the resistance is, you are then able to own it, love it and let it go.

For the last 3 years while on my journey to master my mind, surrounding myself with the finest minds in the world, I have made all the tools, techniques and wisdom that’s been shared with me available to anyone at anytime at no cost through the abundance of free resources on Mind Grow Radio and through my personal site.

Recently I began offering sessions at a fee which really activated a bunch of stuff for me vibrationally.  During the last 3 years I have thought way to freedom and learned to master my emotions by practicing on the vibrational scale. What I discovered was by seeing EVERY experience as an indicator of where I am on that scale I have learned to master myself.

When there is a worth issue activated, you may find yourself thinking disempowering thoughts such as “Who am I to charge money for this”? or ” Why would someone pay me?”  Creating doubt and moving you down the vibrational scale every time you give it your attention.

By appreciating the indicators you can deliberately take back your control and move yourself back up with practice rather than sliding down into despair.

The beauty of the email I received was it’s powerful indication that MY vibration needed attention, and that in itself is more powerful than words can describe.

Everyone gets to choose how they feel in each moment and my priority is feeling good. If I’m not feeling good, I know that nothing I’m working on is going to go right.

I also know that when I’m out of alignment and I take action, frustration will be my constant companion until I find a way to feel better.  So the minute I feel myself in a state of disconnect, I stop what I’m doing and Re-Boot my state of mind.

This practice has proved to be extremely powerful in many ways and my favorite way is the way I feel myself expanding into the fullest version of who I am every time I do it……. and to me nothing feels better than that.

If you want to know how you’re doing vibrationally just ask YOURSELF ” Where am I at vibrationally”? and then pay attention to who and what comes into your experience. You will get immediate indicators to show you exactly where you are. Every experience that shows up will be a perfect match to your vibration everytime, No exceptions.

When you practice yourself into alignment by appreciating the indicators for what they are, You have discovered the true meaning of freedom.

If you would like to work with me and learn how to release your resistance you can schedule a risk-free session here RELEASE MY RESISTANCE

and if you are a SERIOUS Leading Edge Thinker who is ready to Align with what you want, connect with me to find out about my ELITE 90 Day  program.

by Stephanie Kathan


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