Posted by: stephaniekathan | May 25, 2011

Setback to Comeback

I woke up this morning out of alignment in a big way.  I felt I had experienced a setback of grand proportion.  Those of you who know me, Know of my unquenchable thirst for knowledge and for learning from the finest minds in the world.

When Brendon Burchard showed up as a teacher in my experience I knew I wanted to learn from him and made the decision to do so before I even finished his first free video training.

I was sure I could attract a solution that would allow me to attend his 6 week online course.  I focused, I visualized and I felt confident as I remembered that I had attracting things like this before.  In the past I had attracted admission to live events with Jack Canfield 2 years in a row and one of those years was even as a VIP!

Then it happened………. Doubt came knocking.  And I answered the door.

Soon there seemed to be a doubt fest going on in my mind.  And my response was to try to take control over the situation by taking action.

I began trying to control the uncontrollable, with my only result being frustration and doubt in my own abilities.

Needless to say, the program closed at Midnight and I went to bed with thoughts of knowing I wasn’t going to be one of his students.

No Wonder I woke up out of Alignment!

So after doing some focusing, I started looking for the indicators of what is going right. And boy did I find Lots of them!

Once I began deliberately looking in that direction I realized how truly blessed I am.  I realized that this  is not a setback. This is an opportunity for a comeback and not for the benefit of anyone else………but for the sole benefit of my own expansion. WOW!

I realized that no-one has the power to decide what I learn or from who……except for Me. 

It was an opportunity to acknowledge where I was on the vibrational scale, and deliberately move my way up.

It was the opportunity to grab onto the Positive side of the Worthy Stick I had been beating myself with and Declare My Value.

I can tell you, after focusing and taking time to re-align with Who I Really Am, I feel the expanded version of Me already taking shape.

Who knows the creative ways I will be able to learn from the great teachers the Universe has brought me together with……..

All I know is that by trusting in All that Is, it will turn out better than anything I could have orchestrated through action.

We all face setbacks. Sometimes several times a day.  It’s how we respond to them that makes the difference in our lives.

Now I no longer see any experience as a setback.  Instead I see it as an opportunity to grow.

If you’ve been experiencing what feels like setbacks in your life…….start smiling!

And realize that you are about to make the biggest comeback Ever!

It’s always an honor to connect with you here on the leading edge of thought. Thank you for joining me on this Journey of self-discovery.


Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie is the Host of

“The Journey” and creator of

Mind Grow Radio

Tune in for leading edge programming on her World TV Channel

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  1. Hey Stephanie, I like to think of a setback as life’s UNDO button. Maybe I acted too fast before I was in alignment. Well, a setback is just my Soul setting me back to the start so I can do it right this time. Good news is I get as many setbacks as I need till I get it right. It certainly doesn’t feel this nicey nice when you’re in the middle of it (you may recall a frantic phone call or two from me recently). So just hit the UNDO button and do it right this time!

    • I Love it Bobby! I was recently listening to an energy tele-seminar and one of the speakers talked about just hitting the refresh button just like on the computer. It’s so amazing how perception makes such an impact on the reality we live. I like the concept of the UNDO button! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your comments!

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