Posted by: stephaniekathan | May 5, 2011

The Alligators in my Mind

Today I woke with a bit of a headache. I felt out of alignment and I knew that somehow I had to adjust my vibration. As I made some coffee I tried to reach for thoughts of Appreciation.  I took Trinity to the park, and my  headache felt the relief immediately.  I was nervous about Today’s show. 

On the bus ride to the office where I broadcast my show I found myself becoming more anxious about my interview with today’s guest Actor turned Thought Leader Freeman Michaels. As my nerves got the better of me I began seeing images in my mind of all the things that could go wrong….. and there it was.

I had just opened the door and the negative doubts began to flow through like I had a Vacancy Sign in my mind blinking “Hey! ALL Negative Thoughts! There’s an Opening Here!

This is a pretty predictable story now that I have stepped back from it I can see how I constructed this pathway into this experience.

I had arrived at the office, I had promoted the show, posted several links and even sent Freeman a message telling him how honored I was that he was joining me on the show, but still I felt unsettled. Can you guess what happened?

4 Minutes before Show Time…… The entire Internet Connection went out. Not just at my house, but all over Brattleboro. I can’t make any posts, I can’t do my show, and I can’t even let my listeners know what was happening! I was sure Freeman was trying to call in and there was nothing I could Do!

So, I called my friend and colleague Bobby Donohue from the Reality Show

Be A Rockstar in a panic. He (being the level headed rockstar he is) assured me he would get a message to Freeman, and he would also let my listeners know I was attacked by Alligators, and then he reminded me that all is well.

So as I sat there just thinking, I realized that I had created this! When Bobby said I was attacked by alligators the truth of those words hit me like a ton of bricks!  I had allowed the alligators into my mind in the form of doubts and they had feasted on my confidence.  What a Powerful Aha Moment.

As I continued to sit there, the internet connection beyond my control, I found myself surrendering the struggle once again.  I imagined the conversation I had with Len Branson when he told me “Stephanie everything that happens, happens for a Good Reason”, and as I focused on those words I felt myself releasing the resistance I had created.

I could let all of this ruin My Day, My Week, My Career….. OR I can release my oars and step into the stream of well-being and let it carry me back into alignment.

We all have things happen to us, and we all experience things that are beyond our control.  Something good did come out of this experience for me.  I’ve had the opportunity to focus myself back into alignment by sharing this experience and I have a renewed sense of appreciation for the challenges in life and the opportunity that comes with them.

Life happens to us all. Live It…. Love It…. and Learn From It.


Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie Kathan is the Host of

The Journey

and the Creator of

Mind Grow Radio



  1. Happy to help! I’m having one of those alligator days too.

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