Posted by: stephaniekathan | April 17, 2011

The Gratitude Game

Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to enjoy the company of my two sons and a couple of their friends.  We were enjoying  coffee, the boys were having a bite to eat, and seeing an opportunity to engage with them all,  I began playing the Gratitude Game.

I asked Zach to name 5 things that he was grateful for which he did as we went around the room and everyone played.  The coolest part was although it was a reach at first, once they started, each one of had a list with more than 5 thnings!

We were all smiling and feeling good and as they left to go play basketball…….

I found myself in Awe of the power of Gratitude.

Realizing it was almost 1 p.m. and I was kind of hungry myself, I got myself a bowl of cereal.  As I focused my attention upon it, I felt this Amazing Rush of Appreciation!

Suddenly I was appreciating the farmer who harvested the oats and the workers behind the machines that created these little “0”‘s…….

And the truck driver who transp0rted them and the genius who came up with the idea to create them in the first place!…….. And then Even More thoughts similar to those began to rush through Me!

I found myself appreciating the cow who gave it’s milk and the farmer who woke up at the crack of dawn to get it produced, so that it could make it’s way to my refrigerator and be a part of my experience as I enjoyed the best bowl of cereal EVER!

When you align with Appreciation…..Everything in life becomes Delicious!

Food tastes better, colors are brighter, the people around you are happier….. and the feeling you experience is beyond compare.

Give the Gratitude Game a try with your family, Your sales team, Your friends, Your employees or Your students…….. and allow Yourself to be delighted and amazed by the power of Gratitude.


Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie Kathan is the Host of “The Journey”

and creator of

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