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A Dream with a life of it’s own

There are times you just have to do it, and you will know when because it will feel like it’s taking on a life of it’s own that wild horses couldn’t hold back…….. It’s the power that comes from sharing an idea~ Stephanie Kathan

I have had the dream of founding The Institute of Creativity with the finest minds in the world for over 2 1/2 years, it’s time has come and it has taken on a life of it’s own. I am being led to share it with force and I fully trust the power behind it, which is the source from where this idea came.

Welcome to my dream~

The Institute of Creativity

Defining Goals~Living Dreams~Inspiring Others

At the “Institute of Creativity” there is no rejection. You may not always have the opportunity to stay on campus but you will not be turned away from learning. We have the ability to utilize the internet and satellite classrooms to provide education at multiple locations. When you enroll at the “Institute of Creativity” you are not judged by your past grades, your past attendance, or your past beliefs. You are accepted for being exactly who you are and we welcome your desire to advance in life. We will help you define Your goals by providing you with all the tools and support necessary to help You discover what is important to You and Your life. What is it that You want to learn? What are You interested in?
You will be provided with the knowledge necessary and the support to discover what is important to You, and the life You want to live. You will be surrounded with people who are committed to your success and helping you attain it. You will be provided with the knowledge and resources that will help you get where you want to be in life, by doing what you want to do. At the “Institute of Creativity” No Dream is Too Big, Possibility Is Unlimited, and Acceptance is one step away.

When I had this inspired thought, I took immediate action, and it has brought us all together at this moment right now. Through the people that have already agreed to work on this project together I have the following programs in place.
Inspire Magazine
A full working magazine that will feature inspirational short stories, success tips, interviews, recipes, and encouragement. This magazine will be run and operated as all of the programs, by the students. They will learn by doing, and not only be gaining “specialized knowledge” they will also be leaning positive workforce strategies that will benefit them long after they have left the institute. Along with the opportunity to expand their mind and let the creative passion within them flow they will also be learning all of the business aspects of running a working magazine. Writing, Editing,Advertising,Marketing,Photography,Time Management,Publishing,Printing,Sales, not to mention the benefit of self esteem that will be automatically building within each student.
Inspire has already been started, it is currently a newsletter waiting to flourish into a fabulous magazine. This program is developed by Valerie Fellows who is the publisher of Inspire News, and the Executive Director of Development for this project.

TSN- The Student Network
A working television network offering “specialized knowledge” in Video Production, Editing, Directing, Camera Operation, Acting, Hosting, Communication, Creating TV Shows, Music Videos, Film, Sports Coverage, Celebrity Guests, Workshops, and Interviews. Students will learn all about the entertainment industry, in all aspects. Allowing them to work in an environment that brings creative passion to every project. This allows creativity and imagination to flow while gaining “specialized knowledge” in an industry where dreams come true. This program is already a working program under the direction of it’s founder Bob Edwards who is also the police chief in Dover, Vermont. Mr. Edwards has agreed to work with me on a college level for TSN, if any one would like to take an online tour of the current TSN Studio, please let me know and I will send you a link. Evelyn Vaccaro-TV Host/Actress has graciously offered her help in partnering with me, and currently holds free workshops with TSN. She will be offering another one in December at Twin Valley High School in Wilmington, Vt.


This program will offer a working Restaurant/ Bed and Breakfast
which will offer full breakfast and lunch and special event dinners. Students will be gaining “specialized knowledge” in Business, Hospitality,Service,Culinary Art,Management, this is in a “resort” atmosphere. People will pay to come and eat at this restaurant, and gladly pay to stay at the Bed and Breakfast.

Radio Broadcasting
This program will introduce students to the world of radio. This media has unlimited opportunity. Students will host shows, learn “specialized knowledge” in broadcasting, advertising, and all other aspects of this creative outlet. The radio station that I am asking to help also features live feed internet broadcasting, and currently they work with students.

Agriculture/Natural Science
A working farm which offers a petting area, corn maze, hay/sleigh rides and bonfires, in addition to all of the “specialized knowledge” that will be taught on the workings of a producing farm. This program offers specialized knowledge in an industry that provides our food, dairy products, and the goods that can be made from these items as well. There is endless opportunity for learning, not only of agriculture and natural science, but also of business,retail, and service. I have found an excellent location for this and am in discussion with the owners on developing a relationship. This would also allow this property to be kept in the family it has been in since 1860, and create a wonderful opportunity for growth and development, not only of the land but of the minds working the land.

Adventure Program
Skiing, Kayaking, Mtn. Biking, Hiking, Camping,Survival Training, Mt. Climbing, Rafting, also providing specialized knowledge in leadership skills, conflict resolution, and teamwork A location is available for this, Maple Valley Ski Area is a small ski resort that would be perfect for this program.

Computer Science/Forensics
This program will offer much in the ways of specialized knowledge and Dr. Robert Bruen, who was a worked at M.I.T. for many years and one of the founders of Knujon, has agreed to become involved in a great level with the Institute of Creativity.

This is what I have come up with in the short time since I first had the inspired thought, I appreciate the encouragement I have received from some of you, and I look forward to working with you all to create this great ripple in the world. This is a great opportunity to create something that will be a legacy that lives on way after we have all gone. Please work with me, and lets begin the creative process

If you would like to learn more or become a co-operative component in this dream, I invite you to contact me

My desire to share my dream, is stronger than my fear of doing it wrong.

Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie Kathan is the Host of “The Journey on BlogTalk Radio

and the creator of “Mind Grow Radio”- Enhance Your Mind~Enrich Your Life

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