Posted by: stephaniekathan | April 6, 2011

The Expanded Version of You

As you expand into the fuller version of you…. which happens every time you over come adversity in some way…. you grow into a new you…. You can never go back to the person you used to be…..look back over your life and you will see this evidence. The journey is keeping up with the ever expanded version of You. Your energy flows as fast as you allow it to……so if you’re feeling bad, take comfort in knowing it’s temporary and to feel better all you have to do is connect with the expanded version of you which is available to you any time you want. Universal guidance and the power of source energy…….. now that is a combination that wins every single time and you have access to it, all day….everyday when you align yourself with the vibration of who you really are.

You truly are more powerful than you think.


Stephanie Kathan
Stephanie Kathan is the Host of “The Journey” on Blog Talk Radio

and Creator of Mind Grow Radio- Enhancing Your Mind~ Enriching Your Life


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