Posted by: stephaniekathan | April 6, 2011

The Defining Moment

The defining moment is when you look around your life…..and you realize it’s up to You…..

When you are down so far that you lose your way,

and you can no longer live the lie,

You look within yourself for answers and pray,

for God to help you get by……

The defining moment is time standing still,

as you acknowledge the mess you created,

when you put one foot in front of the other by will,

no longer allowing yourself to be jaded…..

As you gain your ground and your vision becomes clear,

you know that your time has come,

You begin to remember why you are here,

and the Source Energy you are created from……

The defining moment is only a Now,

to light your path and show you the way,

for the Universe will tend to the details of How

when you allow our highest self to live each day

The defining moment is when you decide,

To live the life of your dreams,

You discover the journey is an adventurous ride,

and that nothing is how it seems……..


Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie Kathan is the Host of “The Journey” on Blog Talk Radio

and Creator of Mind Grow Radio- Enhancing Your Mind~ Enriching Your Life


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