Posted by: stephaniekathan | April 2, 2011

Living The Dream- For Real

I love to celebrate the success of those around me, especially when it comes to someone who has touched my life as my next guest has. If you have been on my journey with me for a while, you know how this relationship developed, and if you are just joining me on my journey, you will be able to read about it in my soon to be released book “From Despair to Aware”-How I got from There to Here.

My guest has been on the show before as she shared her journey to Hollywood. Now she has an even more to share and this is something to be excited about!  I know I am! And I’ll tell you why….  You are going to hear about this story on the Today Show, Hollywood Insider and People Magazine and guess where else? On My Show!  On Monday Evelyn Vaccaro will be doing an exclusive interview with me for Mind Grow Radio!  Which I created for my listeners to Enhance Your Mind and Enrich Your Life.

Evelyn is living her dream at this moment, and is going to share the magic of this experience with my listeners.

“Disney and Nickalodeon Child Stars, We are the World Grammy award-winning Director Tom Trbovich and Billboard award-winning Producer Drew Lane (High School Musical) have signed on to team up with children’s charity spokesperson for the creation and worldwide launch of the song and music video – “If The Earth Could Speak” for the “Kids Helping Kids: ChildFund International Japan fund raising event.

Creating an inspirational and charitable song and music video with an all child star cast has been a concept Evelyn has had in mind for the last few years, since the Haiti earthquake. The concept of raising funds through a collaborative musical effort is not new, but her thoughts have always been about having children sing on behalf of children, to benefit children. It was Evelyn’s hope that with their voices, the children could communicate a powerful message to each other and the world that they have the power to make a difference for their future.

Again, not a leap for Evelyn who has been mentoring and working with marginalized youth since she was about 14 years old. When the earthquake in Japan struck, like everyone else, Evelyn felt absolutely helpless and as devastated as anyone about the loss and the grief and the suffering and turned her idea into a remarkable project.

A newbie to the music industry, Evelyn took a chance and put her idea in front of Hollywood producers and within one day of pitching it, was put in touch with the magnificent Billboard Award Winning Music Producer Andrew Lane. Now, only 4 weeks later, here we are with the creation of the song and music video for ‘If the Earth Could Speak’ of which she is also co-author and co-producer. Directed by Grammy Award-winning Director Tommy Trbvovich of ‘We are the World’, this worldwide awareness campaign idea is about to have it’s worldwide launch.

Stephanie Kathan is the Host of “The Journey”on Blog Talk Radio

and creator of “Mind Grow Radio“-Enhance Your Mind~Enrich Your Life

Creating ripples of awareness as she shares her Journey with the world…


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