Posted by: stephaniekathan | February 2, 2011

Living the I AM Life

I was looking around my life today as I often do….and I was feeling such a complete sense of satisfaction with where I am, and an eagerness for where I’m going. I realized that everything really changed when I said I AM doing this!  I began saying I AM to everything I wanted to be.  Many of you remember my adventure to New York City where I declared I AM stepping into my new reality Today!…..and that’s exactly what happened.

I took my journey on the road to Hollywood… the Red Carpet premiere of Brian Tracy’s movie “The Journey”. I knew it was a call from the Universe (since my Blog Talk Radio show is also titled The Journey and my blog….and my story lol….see the picture?)

My adventure to Hollywood led me directly into the path of the producer the movie “The Journey” and now has placed me in the position of casting the sequel “Embracing The Journey”. What an adventure Hollywood turned out to be!  And I AM paved the way for it all. Not only did I declare I AM…..I believed it.

The words we use are more powerful than you think they are. I AM Your way into the life you want to live. If I can do it…..YOU can do it too!  I AM surrounded by the finest minds in the world, I AM learning from the best teachers and I AM Loving every moment of this journey!  It is possible to live your dreams, when you declare I AM!

Don’t spend another moment of your time telling the story of what you’re not, and all the things you’ll never do. Start telling a new story. Start right now to live the I AM Life……and you will begin to be amazed and delighted at what the I AM life delivers to you.  I AM Alive, I AM Well…..and I AM creating awareness of what is possible……just by being Me.

by Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie Kathan is the Host of “The Journey” on Blog Talk Radio~  Bringing you an intimate look into the lives of the successful as they share their journey, their challenges and their wisdom with her listeners.


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