Posted by: stephaniekathan | January 31, 2011

Where Do You Shine?

Where do you shine brightest in your current position? I’m not asking whether or not you like or don’t like your current job….I’m asking you to look deeper within yourself and find the area in your current position where you shine the brightest.  For example:

I spent 28 years in the food service industry, through those years I had learned how to do everything from wash dishes to schedule staff but where I shined the brightest was when I was talking to people.  My favorite part was meeting the customer and engaging them and my purpose was to make sure they enjoyed their experience with me.

Look into all the things you currently do in your work day.  What’s your favorite part of it? (I know this is where most of you say….going home!) but I’m really asking you to put all that aside, and discover your gift.  You may  not think you have one but you do!  Everybody does…….most just don’t leverage it on purpose.

When you discover where you shine the brightest, and begin to leverage that wonderful gift, you will see that by bringing it forward and shining brighter every day, you will be in the direct path of opportunity on a constant basis.

I learned to leverage through my years as a waitress and bartender, my love for talking to interesting people and now I host my own radio show, talking to interesting people every day and I do what I love all day long!  This can happen for you too when you allow your authentic self to shine.  So give yourself this test and see for yourself….  For the next 30 days:

Find your favorite part of your job and do it as much as you can.  Do your best at it, go the extra inch in everything you do no matter the task.  While you’re doing your favorite thing, acknowledge how good you feel about yourself when you do it and why.  If you give yourself this test…..

(and there is no one to grade you on it except you. You are the only one responsible for the results you will experience…..and that is Empowering!)

You will begin to feel really good. You will be smiling all the time and people will begin to ask you “What are you doing lately”?  You will begin getting compliments in different areas, you will not be dreading work the way you once did, because you will feel good when you’re there……and the best part is you will find you will make more money.  It’s just a benefit you will enjoy when you are your best self, and it shows up usually through opportunity that will be placed in your path.

The thing is when you are in a negative state of mind, you aren’t able to see these opportunities because you are not focused on what is possible.  As you give yourself this 30 day test, you will be looking for the possibilities in everything, changing  your perspective completely, therefore changing what lines up for you in the way of opportunity.

So as you begin this week, allow yourself to shine bright. Allow your gifts to come forward and show themselves to the world…..and what you will find is that Life will bless you for it. Be You and shine the light from within you out into the world, you will find your life becomes brighter on the outside as you allow yourself to shine on the inside.

by Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie is the Host of “The Journey” on Blog Talk Radio where she brings  an intimate look into the lives of the successful as they share their journey, their challenges and their wisdom with her listeners.


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