Posted by: stephaniekathan | January 22, 2011

Shoot For The Stars

The last few years of this journey have been absolutely amazing. The more I learn the more I grow into my true self.  It has been wonderful to share this experience with so many, and The Universe has provided many creative ways for me to express myself and create awareness.

Many of you have been with me since the beginning, and many are new friends who have just joined my adventure. Almost 3 years ago when I was a homeless waitress with no hope and no one to blame, I realized I was the only one who could get myself out of the circumstances I had created for myself.  Once I made that realization, all the information I needed to teach me how to do it, showed up.

I set the intention to surround myself with the finest minds in the world, and learn from the best teachers how to master my mind.  And as my journey unfolded before my eyes, I discovered so much more about myself, and about what I am here on this Earth to do.  The more I threw myself into studying, the more my life changed as I applied what I learned.

The Universe has blessed me over and over again with Mentors, Teachers, Coaches, and Friends, who have brought me where I am at this moment……and it’s an amazing place.  I’ve learned that it is indeed about The Journey we live, not the destination we arrive at.  In the end we all go to the same place……it’s how we choose to spend our time on the way there that matters.

I recently have been offered the opportunity to work together with some of the finest minds in the world in Los Angeles and step into the reality that I have been creating for myself in my mind. All the things I put on my list as I set out on this journey of deliberate creation, has been brought to me in the most amazing of ways, and Always through other people.

One of the things that gives me such great joy about sharing my journey, is that I know by my documenting the evidence of my own life, and sharing my experiences….not only am I creating awareness in the minds of others who are where I have been……I am leaving a guide for my children to use, as they see the example of living through the eyes of possibility in their own life.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t live your dreams. You can.  You must believe in yourself when it feels like no one else does.  As your faith gets stronger you will witness the beautiful dance that you are a part of.  You will see all the right people being brought into your life at the perfect time.  Sometimes they stay a while, sometimes they stay a lifetime….and sometimes it’s just a brief moment in time where the information you exchange changes lives.

There is no dream that is too big.  There is nothing that you can’t have if your desire is strong enough and you are willing to do whatever it takes.

….and what it takes is investing in the one thing we as humans seem to put last……ourselves.

The time, money and effort that you invest in your own personal growth, will pay off for you in abundance in every area of your life. Fear holds most people back, fear of the unknown…..fear of the impossibilities…. Fear will paralyze you if you let it, but ONLY if you let it. The more you learn to develop your mind, the more you will see that you are more powerful than any fear you will ever have.

Do it. Whatever it is that you have been wanting to do. That deep down desire that fuels you…..Do it.   Do what sets your heart ablaze with passion, and dream big for yourself. You can have it, You can do it, and You can Be it, and you can start today by making the decision to do it.  If you shoot for the stars, you will see the Universe will gently place you right there with them, and all you have to do….is be You.



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