Posted by: stephaniekathan | January 20, 2011

My Message To The Masses

I may be only one person, but I believe the ripples of awareness I create can travel through space and time and touch the life of another….and all I have to do is be Me. You are not too small to make a difference just let your true self shine on the inside of who you are, and the world will have no choice but to be touched by your light~Stephanie Kathan

Since I can remember I have had the desire to stretch myself into the unknown and find various ways of showing my uniqueness. What I have come to discover is all the great things in life were created by people who were told by the masses that it could not be done. These guys are my heroes. The Super hero’s who have inspired me to want more and go in search of it, and leading the way through their example.

I continue to have absolutely no interest in the millions of ways things can not be done….My only interest is in what can be done and doing it.  Through my life there have always been well meaning friends and family members who have told me what is best for me and for a long time I really tried to fit into that shape they were carving out for me, but I was never fulfilled.

When I was my unique self my spirit soared and that is what I have come to understand as my inner guidance system at work.

One of my favorite things that I have learned is that every mind who has created something great in our world…….has not listened to the masses….they listened to themselves and surrounded themselves with people who believed in their dream.

So to all of you who have ever told someone they were a dreamer…..I must say thank you for creating the burning desire in us to keep moving, and to those who believe in the dreamers……thank you for leading the way~


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