Posted by: stephaniekathan | January 11, 2011

The Spin Out!

Have you ever had things be going great, You are cruising through life, hitting all the green lights…..and then all hell breaks loose?

My friend Trina Hayes author of “Just Love Her” calls it “The Spin Out”…and that is the best definition I have found that describes this phenomenon that can knock you off balance, and which we all experience at some point.

When the Spin Out begins, you lose focus on your intention, you become distracted and you are VERY sensitive to the energy of others.  If this sounds like something you have or are experiencing, there is good news!

You are driving……You are directing how this spin out is going to go…..and all you have to do to regain control… go within and ask for clarity.

Yet most people get so caught up in the spin, they continue to spiral out of control and end up sifting through the wreckage wondering what just happened?

I have discovered through my own Spin Out experiences that it is caused by fear of some kind.  Whether it is fear of the unknown…fear of feeling unfamiliar emotions as you expand into who you are…..or fear of what you think you know… is fear.

Breathe…..Take a minute and just breathe.

As you breathe, focus on the miracle that you are…..on how amazing it is that the breath that keeps your body alive flows in and out without you having to do anything …….focus on how miraculous it is that blood flows through hundreds of miles of passageway….through your body….every 33 seconds…..traveling through the miracle which is You.

As you deliberately focus in this way and reach for better feeling thoughts you will feel yourself regaining your power over your mind, your deliberate focus returning and you will feel yourself shaking off the mental debris that show up in the form of doubt.

Spin outs will occur, it’s how you handle them that will determine if you are back on track in a short period of time…..or if you are stuck in a ditch for a while.

If you do not control your thoughts they will without a doubt control you. You are only limited by what you feel you are limited by….You have more power than you think.


Stephanie Kathan

(excerpt from her book “From Despair to Aware” available on Amazon)

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