Posted by: stephaniekathan | December 22, 2010

Get In The Game -It’s the Secret to Life

I know that it was my thoughts that created the life I lived in the past, and the now I am experiencing.  I have made another shift, raised myself to another level of consciousness and continue to take steps every day to live my purpose which is to Inspire.

I have successfully made a smooth transition into my new reality and I continue to hold the same intention: To surround myself with the finest minds in the world.

I’m doing the same thing I’ve been doing for 2 years…..talking to interesting people.

I’m talking about the same things: Personal Growth, Self-Development and Universal Law……

What Changed?

My belief.  As my belief in myself strengthened through faith….knowing that I am created from the same stuff that creates worlds…..and creating a core system within myself….to have 100% total Absence of Doubt.  My faith in what is possible got stronger, and soon I only saw possibility in every experience.

As my belief in myself expanded, so did the consciousness of the people I was attracting.  I began to talking to thought leaders in a new consciousness, a new awareness about myself which radiated out from me, and attracted like minds to me.

I document all of this journey in this way for many reasons….

The first is so that anytime I begin to doubt, I can look back and see the evidence to give me that boost of confidence I may need…

And the second is so that my children can do the same and know how to create the life they dream of when they are ready…..and I am profoundly grateful for all the ripples of awareness I create for others along the way.

As many of you know, I attended the Hollywood premiere of Brian Tracy’s new movie “The Journey” and it was an amazing experience.

I became a Thrillionaire!  I was surrounded by thought leaders, I walked the Red Carpet, I was literally in the reality I had dreamed of for so long……until the first person asked me the most feared question…”What do you do?”

I completely froze….I got a whole new understanding of “Deer in the headlights” and I stumbled with no explanation for the person in front of me.  I felt myself spiraling out of control into that place where fear grips you by the throat.

The person quickly lost interest in me, which gave me the chance I needed to go within myself, connect to my authentic self, and get some much needed guidance which came swiftly in the form of understanding.

Suddenly I remembered who I was and why I was there.  I am a radio show host,I talk to successful people who share their wisdom with my listeners, my show has the same name as this movie, and I am surrounded by thought leaders and potential guests!

The Universe brought me together with key people, upgraded me to VIP and allowed me the opportunity to receive autographed books from the cast with everyone I invited agreeing to be a guest on my show.

This Thrillionaire experience got me in the game.  It allowed me to learn exactly what I needed to know and has developed into my working together with the producer of the movie, and in my new role I am bringing together the thought leaders and experts for the sequel.

None of this would have been possible if I did not have faith and believe in the power of my thoughts.  My belief in what is possible has provided the most amazing experiences of my life.  I got in the game, I took action and stepped into the reality I wanted to live, and I got a Mentor who believed in me.

Get in the game of the life you want to live, surround yourself with the people who are living the lifestyle you want to live, and get a mentor who is doing what you want to do.  If you do these three things, everything else will fall into place.

Believe in the possibilities that are within you and know you are truly unlimited.

If you would like to learn more about how YOU can become a Thrillionaire, just click this link and get in the game!

You may just be surprised how much fun you have when you allow yourself to begin living!

By Stephanie Kathan


Stephanie Kathan is the host of “The Journey” on BlogTalk Radio.

In her own journey from homeless waitress to successful entrepreneur she has surrounded herself with the finest minds in the world, and brings you into the lives of the successful as they share their journey, their challenges, and their wisdom with her listeners.  You can learn more about the author through the links provided above.






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