Posted by: stephaniekathan | November 28, 2010

You are a Manifesting Machine

As I was having coffee with God this morning…(no I don’t sit in His presence, sipping beverages and discussing the talk about town)…I came to an amazing realization.

Before I go further, let me describe my having coffee with God process;

I have my notebook and as I enjoy my coffee in the morning…and quiet my mind…I go within.

I talk about what I’m doing and WHY I’m doing it.  I listen for the guidance that is given when I ask questions of what next step to take…. and I have faith that what I hear will lead me on the path of least resistance on my journey to self-discovery.

I write down my conversations and I believe that I have the ability (as all humans do) to connect with that of which I was created…Source Energy….which I call God.

What I discovered about myself is that I manifest thought all day every day and so do you!

You Think: “I need to go to the bathroom” so the thought travels, your legs automatically move you where you need to go and your needs are met…..

the thing is we do this a zillion times a day without even realizing it.

You think: “I want to go to the store”…The thought manifests and you find yourself behind the wheel of a car, or a bike, walking or however you get there….the point is you get there and your needs are met.

These are some very simple examples, but if you look at how many times a day you manifest thought without really thinking about it at all….just doing it on auto-pilot because you believe you can accomplish these things, it seems natural and you do!

Just imagine the possibilities of what you could manifest if you did it with purpose and on purpose. You are a manifesting machine…..You just realized how many times your thoughts become manifest as your life….all day …..every day.

Your thoughts have much more power over your life than you currently believe.  As you allow yourself to see life through the eyes of what is possible….you will see and experience your own magic….and as you do…

You will realize that your thoughts are what brings about your circumstances.  Imagine what you want your life to look like……Look at it all day with your mind’s eye, and believe in the possibility within you….You are Truly Unlimited and when you believe in You, and all that is possible … are aligned with the fullest version of yourself.

Need guidance?  Grab your coffee, sit down with a notebook, and have the most important conversation of your life….. with You.

By Stephanie Kathan




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