Posted by: stephaniekathan | November 27, 2010

Stephanie and The City

As many of you know I am from a the Green Mountains of Vermont, I live in a very small quaint town in a valley in the Mount Snow region.  I don’t get to the city much, but when the Universe calls, I listen with eagerness and that is exactly what happened on this journey to the Big Apple.

I was being drawn there and it was amazing.  I had never been before except to pass through on my way to somewhere else.  I knew there were people I was drawn to connect with there, and the only way to do it was to go….so I set the intention.

I didn’t have a plan, or know how I was going to get there, but what I did have was certainty, and I made a decision.

For three days I told everybody I saw that I was going to New York City, no details just that I was going and I didn’t put a time on it. I focused on the end result, which was me, having the time of my life in NY City, and connecting with some of the most interesting people in the world.

I did this starting on Thursday, and Monday afternoon, my business partner offered me her car, she loaned me the money to go…..telling me that an investment in me was always a good investment (which I needed to hear at that point) and Monday night off I went on my big adventure!

I only focused on enjoying every moment of this experience. I knew exactly where I was going, and what I was going to say because I had done it a hundred times in my mind!

I was amazed with the wonder of it all the entire way.  I found the most amazing garden, experienced what it felt like to stand in the U.N. Plaza, and had the most amazing conversation with Rick Frishman from Morgan James Publishing, and Planned TV Arts.

The journey was thrilling because I had actually manifested this experience!  I am still reeling from the power of that statement.

I made some videos of my journey because sometimes I think it’s so amazing that no one will believe it! Here is a link to a few short (about 1 minute) videos I made while on my adventure to the Big Apple

and here are a few photos as well giving you my view of the city

I live to create awareness in the world, and sharing my journey with others allows me to learn, inspire and assist those who are where I have been on the journey to self-discovery.

Your thoughts are powerful and can create amazing experiences when used with purpose.  I would love for you to share my Big Apple Adventure.  If you need a dose of being able to see what life looks like when you only see through the eyes of possibility you are in the right place.

You can do anything, be anything, and go anywhere you want in life, and if you focus on the end first you will get there a lot faster.  Enjoy your journey!

If you have been inspired by this feel free to share it…..sharing is the fastest way to create ripples of awareness.

By Stephanie Kathan


Stephanie Kathan is the host of “The Journey” on BlogTalk Radio.

In her own journey from homeless waitress to successful entrepreneur she has surrounded herself with the finest minds in the world, and brings you into the lives of the successful as they share their journey, their challenges, and their wisdom with her listeners.  You can learn more about the author through the links provided above.




  1. What a powerful experience, Stephanie! I am in awe of your confidence and unwavering faith in yourself. I am honored to have been able to play a small part in this life-changing experience. You stepped into your new reality when you stepped in Rick Frishman’s office. I am overwhelmingly proud of you – you are a true inspiration because you live what you believe.

    • Thank you Sara for being a part of this amazing journey. Magic is happening every single day.

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