Posted by: stephaniekathan | November 14, 2010

The Road to Life is Paved with Good Intentions

When I started this journey of deliberate creation over 2 1/2 years ago, I made it my intention to surround myself with the finest minds in the world in order to learn from the best so that I could master my own life which had completely spiraled out of control with fear and doubt leading the way.

This learning experience (which will continue as long as I am still breathing) has led to not only studying with masters and thought leaders who have made their wisdom available in so many ways… has led to rich relationships, wonderful friendships, and amazing opportunity to work together with these same thought leaders who have touched my life so much by creating ripples of awareness through “The Journey” interviews.

It finally came together for me as I recently took my biggest leap of faith yet in my ability as a deliberate creator……

I realized what I have created with that powerful intention is so much more than I ever imagined possible just a few short years ago.  I am honored to be surrounded by the finest minds in the world…..

Not only do I get to acknowledge them as teachers and mentors…..I also have the privilege of acknowledging some of them as colleagues and friends.

It is indeed true that we become what we think about all day long… is evident in my life everywhere I look, and if you really allow yourself to look, you will see it’s true for you too.

What do you think about all day?  Pay attention to your answer when you ask yourself this question……and you will have in your possession the key to all that you have ever wanted for yourself.  This I know for sure.

by Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie Kathan is the host of “The Journey” on BlogTalk Radio.

In her own journey from homeless waitress to successful entrepreneur she has surrounded herself with the finest minds in the world, and brings you into the lives of the successful as they share their journey, their challenges, and their wisdom with her listeners.  You can learn more about the author through the links provided above.


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