Posted by: stephaniekathan | November 5, 2010

Setting Deliberate Intention

When I was speaking at the Law of Attraction seminar on Tuesday night, one of the questions was;

How do I set a powerful intention?

Great question!  As you become more aware of the power of your thoughts, you will experience this phenomenon many times….First ask yourself” What do I want”? “What do I really want”?……

everything begins with desire… look at what you want and then ask yourself “why do I want this”?……the deep in your heart why…not just more money, and more stuff…..look within and ask yourself what your powerful why’s are…..Then ask yourself the most important question of all…..

“Why do I believe I can live this experience”? Write down what comes to you, and keep writing until you have listed all of the reasons you believe you can live this experience………and then make a decision to have it.

I gave a couple of examples during the seminar of how I have deliberately used the power of intention and experienced a new life.

My first real deliberate intention was when I first discovered how powerful my thoughts really are, and I learned that I created my own circumstances with my thoughts deeds and actions…..whoa….this was heavy, so I put it to a HUGE test and made the deliberate intention to surround myself with the finest minds in the world……and to learn from the best teachers.

A little over two years later, I have my own BlogTalk Radio show where I interview successful people every week, who take us through their personal journey of challenges, and how they changed their life by changing the way they think….and they share their wisdom with my listeners all over the world….

When I made this intention I was in a place of total despair, but I NEVER gave up believing it was possible for me, and now it is my reality.

I spent no time or energy worrying about How, and the Universe has literally brought me together and surrounded me with the finest minds in the world, in creative ways that I myself never imagined possible.

I am setting another Deliberate Intention and when I was writing it down (When you write it down, your intention becomes even more powerful)  I realized that if I shared it….not only would it help more people understand how powerful their deliberate intention can be…..

It will also be adding more power to the intention itself, so here is an example of a Deliberate Intention that I set for myself.

Intention- To have my Law of Attraction seminars be a success, and help many people understand the Universal support that is here for them.

Why Do I want this to be a success?

* To provide a way for those who are looking to advance their level of understanding and to gain confidence in who they are.

* To provide an outlet for those who want to learn more about Universal Laws and how to connect with their true source.

* To create awareness in minds….of a life full of possibility, which is available to anyone who asks.

* To show my children what is possible for them.

* To advance in my own life while helping others to do the same.

* To lead by example, and teach others while receiving appropriate compensation for sharing my insight and experience.

* To be part of the shift in consciousness taking place on our planet at this time.

* To leave the world a better place than I found it.

“Why Do I Believe I Can Live This Experience”?

* I know my message holds wisdom and truth.

* I know I am touching the lives of people every day.

* I know others can relate to my experience.

* I have been given wonderful insights to life.

* I have valuable information to share.

* Sharing what I learn benefits others.

* The more I learn, the more I have to share.

* I am worthy of this experience.

* I deserve to give a portion of my prosperity and abundance to those who are in need.

* I believe in the truth of what I am learning, and in my ability to share it with others.

* I believe in the power of the energy from which I was created.

* I continue to show up and do the best I can to create ripples of awareness so the world will be a better place.

* I believe in my intention to surround myself with the finest minds in the world and to learn from the best teachers…….

To learn more about how powerful your intention is, here are some free resources, and recommended viewing.

TB Wright – Offers a free MP3 which is very rich in content, and is available to you at Tom’s website

Wayne Dyer- Has a powerful 2 dvd set on “The Power of Intention” which is a special he did for PBS.  Look for this at your local library….that’s where I found it.

Jack Canfield- Jack shares much insight and wisdom in his book “The Success Principles” and gives you a great understanding of the 64 Principles of success…..Believe me, Intention is in there.  My copy is highlighted in so many colors it looks like a rainbow.  I highly recommend this book.

Sharing is one of the quickest ways to create ripples of awareness… I ask that if you found value in this article, please share it with a friend.

By Stephanie Kathan

Stephanie Kathan is the host of “The Journey” on BlogTalk Radio.
In her own journey from homeless waitress to successful entrepreneur she has surrounded herself with the finest minds in the world, and brings you into the lives of the successful as they share their journey, their challenges, and their wisdom with her listeners. You can learn more about the author through the links provided above.



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