Posted by: stephaniekathan | October 20, 2010

Life With A View – Perspective

I just looked around and saw my life from a whole new perspective. I was standing inside Cranberry and Sage ….and when I looked around, took a deep breath….and I looked at a beautiful creation that came from the mind, traveled through the ether and brought to me in the form of thought,created a desire, and manifested into my reality….I realize who I am on an even deeper level.

I am Source Energy and so are You.

I invite you to just take a glimpse into your life…… to a time when you got an idea, you took some sort of action, and then your experienced your idea in your life.  For example;

You buy a car.

First the thought of the car traveled through the ether and came into your mind.

You created a desire for the car, which inspired you to take action of some sort….  going to the dealership…test driving  …. buying the car.

and then you experienced having the car in your life…… you brought it into your reality.

When you look at your life with this perspective, it is easy to see how many times this actually happens! More than you think!

Discovering that I have the power to create and manifest the life I choose is truly one of the most amazing experiences. Thought…..Desire…..Belief all the things you need to make this discovery for yourself are already within you.

I have learned that the questions I have get answered when I go within and ask my inner self, my higher self….the source energy that lives within me……..and within YOU.

Allow yourself to see your life through this perspective even if it is brief……it will be powerful for you. When you do……you will begin to realize for yourself how truly powerful you are.  You are made from the same stuff that creates worlds……..and You have the power to create yours and call it your life.

You have a life with a view that is beyond what you currently see……all you have to do to enjoy this breathtaking view… change the way you look at it.


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