Posted by: stephaniekathan | October 9, 2010

Are You Living A Paint By Numbers Life?

As I look around, I see people creating their lives, even though most of them don’t realize it.  Day by day……molding into a routine, which in some cases the only change they experience is the topic of argument.

Life in a box, complete with every color, shape and size accepted by society….nothing more…..nothing less.  So what if you aren’t happy……just color inside the lines, follow the pattern like everybody else and if you’re lucky….you will be Accepted and that should be enough……..Sound familiar?

The paint by number life I’m describing used to be mine……then something happened.  I made a decision to color outside of the lines.  The colors I began to apply are bold and vibrant…..and the life I’m creating is a masterpiece.

Society floods your senses through television and advertising, conditioning you with what it deems acceptable, leaving many to believe they just don’t belong……

at least that’s how it felt for me….like I just didn’t fit the mold I was being told to fit myself into….so I did something bold…..and unbelievably simple…..

I stopped trying to be who everyone else thought I should be and I started being myself.

As I did this more and more I discovered some things about myself;

I’m interesting! I actually like the me that has been in there waiting for the opportunity to shine!  And the greatest thing I discovered was….when I made this bold move…..the sky didn’t fall, the Earth kept spinning and the sun still came up!

All of that fear I had held onto for so long….worrying about what would happen…the fear of stepping out of The Comfort Zone…….I had let it limit me when in truth what happened was I got happy!

I began experiencing a sense of freedom I had never before known.  I expanded in my knowledge and into the true self I am.  I began to connect with my higher self and found an inner peace I only thought possible in dreams

If you feel like you are trapped in a paint by numbers life, I’m here to remind you….

You are the artist.  You control the brush.  The palette can be filled with colors of your choosing, and you are only limited by the lines if you allow yourself to be.

YOU have the choice.  The Masterpiece is YOU……..  All the colors of the imagination are at your disposal. Create your life with your passion and delight in the living of it every day and you will experience happiness from the inside out.  The true self that lives within you is there to guide you.

Trust in You.  Believe in You…..and let the creative genius You come to life.  Love the You that you are….and live the life that you love.  That is what dreams are made of.



  1. Well spoke, Stephanie. You offer many pearls of wisdom in this blog for those awake enough to see them. Thank you for always inspiring me!

    • Thank you Sara! I am honored that you are inspired by my writing.

  2. Thanks for the message Stephanie. Just what I needed. The part about feeling like I don’t fit within the pattern others have drawn really hit home!

    • Joe, thank you for your comments, it’s nice to hear from you, and wonderful to know that my posts are touching others. Great to connect with you again!

  3. Great blog, loved it!! More people need to start learning how to color outside of the lines, let their guard down and live their life to the fullest! It has been amazing watching your journey, keep making those ripples!

    • Thank you Val for being such an amazing part of my journey ❤

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