Posted by: stephaniekathan | September 26, 2010

Observing The Masters

First I would like to say that this article is an observation, and NOT a criticism.  To those of you who have been following my journey, you know that I have been surrounding myself with the finest minds in the world, intention by intention for the last 2 years.

Through this experience I have learned so much from the great minds I have attracted.  I have had the opportunity to meet such amazing teachers as Jack Canfield, have great mentors like Dov Baron call me and give me guidance, and I take my listeners on an intimate journey into the lives of the successful through my BlogTalk Radio show “The Journey”, where I have had the pleasure of having amazing expert guests such as John Assaraf, Mike Robbins, and Dov Baron just to name a few.

As you are expanding in your knowledge of who you really are……as you discover the amazing self that lives inside you and tap into the power within, it will benefit you greatly to surround yourself with Thought Leaders, and Masters of Universal Laws and Principles.

As you search for a coach or a mentor…..look for someone who has done what you want to do.  Make it your intention to learn from the best teachers who know what you want to learn.  There are many many great teachers out there who are dedicated to creating great ripples of awareness……..find one that resonates with YOU.

If someone who is sharing their experience gets your vibration going, if you can feel the tingle as you absorb what is being shared….if learning from them gives you the feeling that you can’t wait to learn more…..follow that.

There are also great teachers who at times seem they have lost their own way.  Ego finds it’s way in and then you have instances such as the James Ray incident.  It doesn’t mean that James Ray did not teach a lot of great stuff when he was aligned with his true self…….it means he allowed his EGO to take hold, which simply means that he is after all human.

I am grateful to all of the Masters who have made it their mission to lead the way in the cutting edge.  I am grateful to the Thought Leaders who recognize the dangers of the Ego and the damage it can do and who share their amazing experiences on the subject such as Dov Baron does.

I am also grateful to the Masters who make it a point to share with me all the reasons they will not do an interview….they are very busy people, my geographical area is not sufficient, I  don’t have enough listeners, etc…..and I also appreciate the ones who agree and then have their assistant send a note saying they are just too busy.  Why am I grateful to them?  Because I know they are not in harmonic resonance to my show!

My encouragement to you as you look through the Bombard of new teachers, coaches, experts and mentors…….follow how you feel.  If a teacher makes you feel good, read more of their work.  If a teacher makes you feel like you are being marketed to in every second… less of their work.  The choice is always yours, and your inner guidance is always there to lead you.

Observe the Masters……..and learn from those who resonate with YOU.

You have the power of choice and the opportunity to apply your power every day.  I’m sure you have heard the saying “When the student is ready the teacher appears”…well it’s true.  Although sometimes the student is the teacher.

When the teacher thinks he knows all there is to know……the Universe has a way of showing them just how much they don’t know.  The greatest lessons in life come in the form of the most unlikely messenger. ~ Stephanie Kathan



  1. So true, Stephanie! Surrounding yourself with the people you admire makes the path easier, more natural. It raises your standards, expands possibility, and changes your “normal.”

    • My life has truly changed in such dramatic form and I give credit to the power of my intention that has brought forth some of the finest minds in the world for me to learn from, and I am so grateful Morgana that you are one of them. Thank you my friend for being exactly who you are. ❤

  2. Wonderfully written and very well said! Those who are paying attention will know how valuable and needed your words are. Thank you for having the moxie to say what many of us are thinking!

  3. Great article! Everyone should follow their heart and learn from the teachers that make their heart sing and mind want to learn more. There are many out there, find the right one for you!

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