Posted by: stephaniekathan | September 13, 2010

This Ever Changing World

In every moment there is change all around.  No two moments are the same.  Everything changes……relationships, thoughts, environments, circumstances, beliefs…….every moment.

If I am learning, I am growing…….and only I can decide how to tend my garden….which is my true self. ~Stephanie Kathan

As I learn more each day about myself and mastering my mind……I am growing.  Sometimes growth means letting go of relationships, changing professions, leaving negative environments to move on to more positive ones……and with all of these changes comes also lessons and opportunities….to re-create myself everyday into a better Me.

Some people resist change with everything they have.  Devoting every ounce of energy into trying to make something stay the same and wondering why things are getting worse.  It is change that at the time may seem unbearable painful that will create a new world for you if you look for the lesson and the opportunity in every experience.

Everything you have ever experienced, good and bad has brought you to the magnificent self you are at this moment…….Learn the lessons from the past, and let it go.  Everything happens exactly as it should even though we may personally not think so when it is happening.

All along our life journey we have guides.  People we admire, look up to, sometimes find ourselves even worshiping.  They are there as long as your true self needs them to be.  My friend Trina Hayes says it well…..”Everyone comes into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime”.

When relationships fall away, take comfort in knowing that they will be replaced by new relationships, and new guides bringing you new lessons to expand your awareness of who you are, assisting you along the path of the person you want to become.

Change is what will bring about a shift in consciousness to our planet…..and I will ride that wave with everything I am.  I love this ever changing world in which we live.



  1. Stephanie, thank you so much for being in my life and being your “FABULOUS” self when-ever we speak. Every time we speak I am amazed at how you are able to shift a situation and see the best for yourself and all concerned. You are my inspiration. With love, light and hope. Trina

    • Thank you so much Trina for your constant encouragement and support. You are a wonderful addition to my chosen family! lol Thanks for being exactly who you are.

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