Posted by: stephaniekathan | September 7, 2010

Life Extravaganza!

From the time we are born on this Earth we begin to learn from those around us, we take on their beliefs, their traditions, their culture…as they were taught by those before them and the environments they were surrounded by…all different, yet all similar…

We are all taught to survive existence.

What we are not taught is how to Live!  By learning to merely exist in life we are learning on a deep level how to develop a p0verty consciousness that follows most to the end of their life.

There is an entire world out there full of wonderful experiences, beautiful places, amazing opportunities and happiness……..for all

Yet we are taught most of our life that only some have those privileges.

I was 42 when I discovered for myself the difference between surviving existence and living and since then my life is an amazing adventure full of wonder and love where poverty and despair once reigned supreme.

Life is all around you yet most times goes un-noticed.  There was a time when I believed life was hard, unfair and cruel…and if you looked at my circumstances I could tell you the millions of ways everybody else wronged me into them.

It wasn’t until I took responsibility for my own life, my own circumstances and my own mind that I truly began to experience living.

It’s my purpose to create ripples of awareness of what is possible for you and your life.  If living is possible for me…….it’s absolutely possible for you!

I’ve been where you are, I understand what it is like for life to feel so heavy you can barely lift your head.  I also understand what it means to have inner peace, and experience true happiness and joy with who I am and discovering the true self that lives within me.

Life is an Extravaganza of experiences and opportunities, and it’s there for every single one of us, when we decide which we want to do….


The most powerful part of this message is that the choice is yours to make.  No one can decide for you.  You can blame people if you want to for your choice….but when it comes down to it….only you have the power to decide what it is that you want.

You have existed your whole life…..try something different….You just may discover a whole new world out there…….a life worth living!

Stephanie Kathan


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