Posted by: stephaniekathan | September 5, 2010

Labor Day “Gratitude” Special

I just got back from the park with Trinity…played a little ball, watched the local firemen begin firing up the HUGE grill for their BBQ and watched the people as they shop, and enjoy their holiday weekend and I am Grateful to be one of them….in control of my time….what I do with it….and who I do it with.  As I was in this amazing feeling of gratitude I was appreciating the fact that my time is truly mine I looked back at what these holidays had meant in the past………Work.

As you are out today, celebrating Labor Day, and the everyday worker…I invite you to truly appreciate those who are providing you service.  The waiters and waitresses, the clerks at the grocery store, the cashiers, the people who are there serving you.

To my past colleagues I salute you on this Labor Day, for it is those that provide service that make the world go round.  This is my Labor day Gratitude Special, to all those in the service industry who most commonly go un-noticed.  I invite you to join me in sharing gratitude with your server (of whatever sort) today. Appreciate them, and acknowledge the hard work they do so that you don’t have to. ……..Appreciate them not only with generosity in gratuity….but with kindness of heart.


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