Posted by: stephaniekathan | August 23, 2010


How many times do we say this a day?  How many times do you feel like this a day? Well for me…… it was more often that I like to admit.  Sound familiar? I have something else to admit as well……I brought you here under false pretenses, but since you’re here I have a question for you…..

Are you Willing To Forgive?  If you are saying WTF to yourself, out loud, through thought word or text….. guess what? You are bringing more things to feel and say WTF about!  What I have found through my research of the last couple of years, is when I was saying WTF, what I really needed to do was forgive something, either myself or someone else.  Sounds strange, and unrelated…… that’s the amazing part they are so related they could be twins.

What I discovered about myself was when I found myself feeling that way, I would say ok….. what is it really? What is the real issue? Sometimes I came up with that my feelings had been hurt, or that I had made a bad choice and was living the consequences of some action I had taken….. either way it always led to forgiveness.

I changed my language, and as I did my thinking began to change as well. At first I would have to discipline myself and consciously direct my thoughts and feeling from one to the other but after a short time it just happens naturally until now it is automatic.  When I feel like WTF I ask myself  are you ” Willing To Forgive”?

The next time you feel like WTF give it a try! Just ask yourself am I “Willing To Forgive”? Look into yourself and release the negative emotions you are holding with forgiveness.  When the forgiveness comes out the WTF goes away!  I will be interested to hear your thoughts on this, so feel free to leave your comments and share your results!



  1. Great article, Stephanie. I have always thought of myself as a pretty forgiving person, but I am coming to realize that I do internalize a lot of hurt, and am now taking steps to get a better grasp on self-forgiveness and really letting things go. I liked your twist on WTF. Very cool 🙂


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