Posted by: stephaniekathan | August 10, 2010

If The Life Fits… Wear It!

On My journey of re-creation and transformation, I am getting to try on many new things…..and have some very fun adventures and amazing experiences.
In my recent interview with best selling author Mike Robbins he spoke about his decision to become a public speaker and how he “tried it on”. On Mike’s journey he has tried on many things…..he got to experience being a major league baseball player, a best selling author and a personal growth expert, and what I realized is that we are always trying on a new life and seeing how it fits. When it doesn’t fit anymore we create one that does!

The big difference that I see is that successful people try on new “life” styles with purpose and on purpose. They are deliberately creating and seeing what feels good in their skin. It’s Okay to keep “trying” on “life” styles until you find the one that fits you perfectly, and it’s out there just waiting for you to discover it.

Many people may criticize you, just remember……the criticism from others has nothing to do with your ability to create the life you want….usually the ones making the judgments are the ones who have been wearing a life they have been unhappy with for a very long time.

Try different things! Learn new skills! Most importantly keep believing in yourself. Making mistakes is good! With every mistake you have the opportunity to learn and grow. I have tried on many “life” styles so far on my journey and my favorite is enjoying the art of living as a deliberate creator of my own life. We are all creators, shaping our life with each thought, word and deed.

You can create a tragic tale or you can create a masterpiece that lives and breathes the magic of the Universe with every deliberate thought you think. Try it on….see for yourself…….and if the life fits……wear it!

CLICK HERE and Enjoy the replay of my exclusive interview with Mike Robbins 


Stephanie Kathan



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