Posted by: stephaniekathan | July 9, 2010

What makes You Real, True, and Trustworthy

What Makes Me Real, True and Trustworthy?

My journey so far has been filled with great teachers and helpful guides who light my path to self discovery. Like a lighthouse on the coast that seems to always appear when I need it most. One of those guides (Trina Hayes)asked me to answer this question and this took some time, and pondering in depth the meaning of these three words: REAL ….TRUE….TRUSTWORTHY
This is the result of my inner inquiry.

I define myself as real in the sense of relate-ability. I am a real woman, dealing with real life issues, and asking the same question as many mothers around the world ask ourselves every day…”How do I make the best of this life so I can help my children and support them on their journey to discover life”? To me that is real. The information I share is real, the challenges are real, and the lessons I have learned through my experience is real, and the power of your thoughts are real. Very real.

The information I share is from my own experiences, true life experiences, and the state of mind and inner peace I now enjoy are a direct result of what I have learned, which I have documented any time I needed to look back and see evidence of the Universe at work. Everything I write, share and speak is with the hope that it will reach into the minds of my own children, and they will be able to see if I’m being authentic, better more than anyone else, so I know it will shine through in every word.

I know that by learning from the finest minds in the world to Master Myself is the best way to help others, and create a shift in consciousness. I ride the wave of change, I take risks, and I share information. I share the good, and warn of the not so good. I share my journey of learning openly for the benefit of creating awareness. “Filtering through the crap, and Delivering The Gems”. To me that is trustworthy, and it is what I strive for with every day I am fortunate enough to be on this Earth.

What makes me Real, True and Trustworthy? The simple fact that I am Myself, learning about life, making mistakes, and sharing the lessons and the benefit is I am creating ripples of awareness on the way.



  1. Hey Stephanie,

    I can so relate to wanting to shine the most authentic version of self to our children. Having been a single mom myself for the past 12 years, I made the decision from the get go that my kids would learn through my example what a passionate, joy-filled life would look like…no matter what the external circumstance. I’m in the process of creating a site to share that passion and philosophy with other women going it alone. Thanks for YOUR example as well. Best of luck to you!!

    • Beth,
      Thank you for your kind words, I’m very glad my words resonate with you, and others who are where I have been. And thank you for following my Journey! Much love~Stephanie

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