Posted by: stephaniekathan | July 3, 2010

Uniquely Me

I finished the book “The Shack” and it has given me a much clearer understanding of God, The Universe, and Creation, and a much deeper understanding of Love. I have gained a deeper personal understanding of Jesus, and how this all fits in together with the science of things, something I struggled with in the back of my mind. I am not a religious person, I don’t resonate with churches and organized religion….but I am spiritual, and now with a deeper level of understanding than ever before.

This part of my Journey has been a defining moment for me in a few different ways. I was at a crossroads the other night, and this brought me through the other side. When I made the decision to start this Journey, with the purpose of creating documentation in the process to show evidence that it does indeed work….I knew the risks.
I knew there was a risk of criticism. I knew there was a risk of making mistakes, but I knew that sharing the lessons I would be learning was worth it.

The fire that burns my desire is that if even one person pulls themselves out of that place where I have been, and becomes aware of the magnificent greatness inside them….then anything I have ever been through, or will go through will be worth it. My “Why” is my children, and their children, for them to learn something other than a poverty consciousness, and lead by example for them so they can find their own way in this world with the tools to help them lead successful lives, so I create ripples of awareness in every creative way I can find.

My purpose is not to make a million dollars, although that is a definite possibility, that would be an effect of the service I am providing, not the Why behind it. My purpose is to create great ripples of awareness in the world, and on my journey along my Life Purpose, I have learned that you can make a living and support yourself being exactly who you are. Now that is pretty important information that I feel needs to be shared!

My victim mindset left me a couple of years ago…and the ability to look at the lessons of my experiences and add value to the lives of others took it’s place. For those who need to hear my message, it will be carried to their ear. This I know for sure. I feel good about where I am, and as I grow, my goals grow, my vision changes and expands as I learn new skills and wisdom from others.

It truly is a feeling of Freedom, and it fuels my enthusiasm for growth, personally and professionally. My desire is to inspire, and if this is possible for me…Just imagine what is possible for you! I continue to surround myself with the finest minds in the world, and learn from each experience. Sometime the lessons come with the most unlikely messengers, and it brings my thoughts to the book “The Alchemist” and our journey to Personal Treasure. Everyone’s journey is different, unique to our own magnificent selves. I am grateful to be ever so lovingly, Uniquely Me.



  1. Wonderful blog. May grace dog your steps.
    Wm Paul Young

    • I am profoundly grateful, and honored by your comment. Thank you so much.

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