Posted by: stephaniekathan | June 22, 2010

Leggo of My Ego

Today is an amazing day. For two years now, I have been a student of the law of attraction. And when I say student, I don’t mean your part time, study when it’s convenient, because it’s cool kind of student. I mean, becoming a sponge to the wisdom shared by others, learning from the best teachers, attending nightly webinars, and daily tele-seminars, and reading every book I can get my hands on student.

Although I have completely changed my mindset, and my life, I still had some limiting beliefs that were holding me back to the Abundance I knew I wanted in my life. I wasn’t allowing myself to receive. You can believe, strongly in your heart and in your mind that you will achieve your goals, but if you don’t allow yourself to receive….it will forever remain out of your reach.

What I was doing was not getting to the deep limiting belief. Then something amazing happened. I surrendered. I was at the park with Trinity, and I was looking up at the beautiful sky, and I absolutely surrendered. I spoke out loud to the trees, and the grass. I let myself be engulfed in the embrace of the fresh air, and this is what my conversation sounded like….”I’m here. I am showing up every day and each and every day I give it my best to create awareness in the world. I know you want me to succeed in this, because You Are This……and I just want you to know that I will keep showing up, I will keep doing my best, and I will keep learning until my last breath….I’m leaving the details up to you.

Something shifted that day. Mike Robbins agreed to do a journey interview with me. Dov Baron called me on the phone, and amazing people began to come into my life at rapid speed. Great teachers, some of the finest minds in the world, and teachers of truth were connecting with me. When Dov agreed to do a Journey Interview with me, he did a technique on the air with me, that allowed me to let go of a limiting belief I had previously held about money……I got access to a live call with Morgana Rae that let me look at money in a completely different way….A Social media expert signed on as my business coach and agreed to a joint venture….and just today a partnership was created with one of the most amazing women I have had the opportunity to meet.

These things began to happen, because I finally was allowing myself to receive. Receiving isn’t just about money. It’s about friendships, networks, relationships, and opportunity. It’s about seeing things through different eyes, and thinking with a new mindset. It’s Ego free. Many things had to happen to get to this place. I learned to love myself, I forgave people who had hurt me in the past, but most importantly, I let go of my Ego. Let It Go completely.

When you are worrying about figuring out HOW something is going to happen, that is really your ego at work, letting you believe that You have to figure all of this out. The Ego is LYING to you! When you let go of your Ego, and you surrender to the fact that YOU do not have to figure everything out on your own……the exact people you need are going to show up….to show you the way. They are always showing up, but much of the time we are so wrapped up in thinking we have to be a one man band, and stressing about how it’s all going to work, these great opportunities are overlooked.

I share all of this with you the way I do, because it allows me to be my authentic self, it allows me to put my thoughts out there and know that they will reach the people that need them at just the right time. I let go of my Ego, and by surrendering the details to the Universe, have opened myself up to receive the abundance that has been surrounding me the whole time. Money is not Abundance… a matter of fact, until you actually put yourself in the FEELING of abundance the money keeps it’s distance.

Earl Nightingale said that people think success is having a lot of money…the truth is the money comes after you are successful. Remember those words, write them down, and read them often. Believe to Receive. Feel it before it is in your life, and it won’t be long until it is your life. Be Clear, and never never never stop learning. Life is a wonderful adventure, when you allow yourself to Live.

Some people say to me Who are you to think you can achieve such high goals? Who are you to dream so big? And to them I say…..I am a deliberate creator of my own life. I learn everyday, how to be a more effective creator, a better leader, a better teacher, but most I learn everyday….how to be a better Me.

STephanie KaThan


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