Posted by: stephaniekathan | June 15, 2010

My Search For Self And The Life I Found On The Way

When I started out on this journey of awakened bliss two years ago, I remember feeling so scared but sure, so weak but strengthened, so small but ready to make such a huge impact. Through the small steps I have taken on the way to discovering my True self, I have created an amazing life.

I am constantly aware of the miracles around me, the helping hands to guide me, and the inner voice that whispers words of encouragement through my darkest of times. We all have this in us, just waiting to come alive. As I look back through my success journals (which I frequently do because it reminds me of how far I have come) I see the creation of my life.

When I made the decision to live life on purpose, and made it my intention to surround myself and learn from the finest minds in the world amazing things began to take place. Suddenly I was connecting with great authors, teachers and personal growth experts. I was being given access to amazing learning opportunities, but what is more important is that I took (and continue to take) them.

My kids have seen me transform from a medicated mad-woman, to a deliberate creator, and believe me it rubs off on those around you! It doesn’t have any choice, because as you learn and grow, you also lead by example. I credit what I have achieved mostly to persistence and my refusal to give up on a life. I recently interviewed personal growth expert Mike Robbins on my BlogTalk Radio Show”The Journey” and he shared some great advice, which was; Talk about what you know, relate it to who you’re talking to, and do your best. What great wisdom!

I know the kids in my direct circle will listen to these interviews, and read my posts….and it is my hope that my sons Zach and Cody and my grandson Cole will someday listen to and read them to. It’s the only way I have to pass on to them what I’ve learned and to encourage them with what is possible, no matter what challenges they may be facing or what they may be going through.

I believe that we all can create the life we want, and by sharing these interviews with you….I am sharing my belief in you, and what is possible for you. We can live life on purpose and by creating ripples of awareness of what is possible, we take a small step forward toward a better world.

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