Posted by: stephaniekathan | May 30, 2010

Feel Good In Your Skin When You Don’t Fit In

As I sit here, contemplating, and taking in all the amazing things I have discovered along this journey….I feel good in my skin. This has taken so many years! All through school feeling out of place, never quite fitting in with the crowds anywhere. I used to think, wow, I’m not even good enough to hang out with the outcasts. Always knowing there was something great about me somewhere, always feeling there was something more for me in the world, and always searching for the place where I could feel good in my skin.

I have found it. One of the most magnificent lessons I have learned on this journey is that I am unique. I am special, and there is not another person on this earth exactly like me. It’s true about every human being that walks on this planet. We all have something special. We all have greatness within us waiting to be brought to the surface. The reason it takes so long to find it sometimes is because of all the conditioning we have been through growing up. We forget who we are because we are told our limits from the time we are born to the time we die.

When I learned about the power of my own thoughts and as my understanding of this great truth became clearer I began to feel better, more comfortable with myself, loving myself in a way I never thought possible in the past. It wasn’t until I really started living, and loving exactly who I was that my path became clear and I was open to the opportunities that allow me to make a living being exactly who I am. Imagine what is possible for you. Begin doing what brings you the greatest joy. Follow your passion, and whatever it takes to put a huge smile on your face Do It!

Feel good in your own skin. You are magnificent. You are unique, and you have much to offer the world by being exactly who you are right now, and bring more great things to the world by becoming the person you have always wanted to be. When you don’t fit in with the crowds, remember that you can feel good in your skin by just being the wonderful person that you are.


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