Posted by: stephaniekathan | May 26, 2010

Are you allergic to Selfish?

The last couple of years I have learned that I was previously allergic to selfish! And I had a terrible reaction to it, I would break out in guilt, be fevered with despair, and many times be bedridden due to the affects. I have good news I found a cure! The antidote to this disease is located in the well being of your mind, and don’t worry, there is no shortage, you don’t have to be covered by health care, and you have access to it anytime you are plagued with this annoying thing that seems to drift through the air through words thoughts and actions of yourself and of others.

I had previously been in such a mindset of beliefs that had me convinced I didn’t deserve to have anything. How could I possibly feel good about doing anything or having anything for myself when my children were wanting for so much? How could I feel good about going out to dinner with someone when there was no food in the refrigerator? How could I feel good about taking time for myself, and denying the kids a ride to where they wanted to go, or not show up for the obligatory get together I had been invited to (usually with people I didn’t even like!)? All of these thoughts were not real they were my imagined allergy to selfish!

My mentor Jack Canfield said once that The best way for you to help others is to first help yourself. Those words began my road to recovery. I knew that the best way for me to help my children and those I love is to lead by example. To not firehose them with this new knowledge I had, and this new enlightenment I felt….but to show them by the changes they couldn’t help but notice in my life. I stopped yelling, I refused to get caught up in all the girlfriend, boyfriend, I hate your guts bullshit that we all tend to let control our lives. Of course by making this decision to not spend one minute of energy on these self induced creations of chaos, my own life began to not only become calmer…I was smiling more. I was feeling happy more. I was not plagued with the worry of someone else’s troubles in the way that previously directed my own circumstances.

I began to pay No attention to what others thought of me. I began to live my life for me, because I realized my previous way of living was benefiting no one especially myself. My life has been a series of 30 day tests for over two years, and I am very glad to say that finding a cure for the allergy to selfish is one of my favorite discoveries, and there are even more benefits to applying it! I have raised my self esteem, I have confidence in a way that I never did, and I love the person I have become. My kids no longer look at me and think “man what happened to mom? I never want to end up like her”, now they say, Mom! You are so G! (I think that means genius in teenager language) and I am proud to be able to lead my family instead of being run by our conditions of limited thinking and circumstance.

If you have been allergic to selfish in the past, you can change it. You can feel better, you can take control of your life and lead by example. Or you can continue to be plagued by this imagined allergy and let it control your life. The choice is up to you, the cure is in your own mind, and your life is waiting for you to start living it today.


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