Posted by: stephaniekathan | May 14, 2010

The Me I’m Meant To Be

Sometimes I would look at my life, and think how did this happen? Who am I? What in the hell am I here for?…..and finally when the only place I had left to turn for the answers I was seeking was within my own self….I was blessed with understanding. I am who I create myself to be. This happened because I allowed it to, and created it with my own thoughts and actions, and by the way I spoke to others. I’m here to learn lessons…. I will be presented with the same lessons over and over, disguised as different hardships and challenges until I learn them, and once I do if I share my experience with others who can benefit from what I learned, a great ripple of awareness is created.

I am beginning a whole new chapter in my life, an exciting adventure of learning, creating, giving, and receiving. New relationships, new opportunity, new friends, and a new perspective. I know that my purpose on this Earth is to make a difference, to teach those who want to learn, and encourage those who are struggling. As I look at myself in the mirror, into the face of the person I am becoming, I feel a sense of great joy. I feel a power from within that pushes me daily to do my best, and I see a determination in my eyes to achieve it.

When I stopped being who everyone else told me I was, and when I stopped living up to the expectations of others, (good and bad) I began to create my own person. The person I always wanted to be, The person I always knew I had the ability to be, and The Me I’m meant to be. It is only up to us to define who we are. You can let the opinions of others craft out your personality and your circumstances, or you can create them yourself. We all have it in us to be our best self, but most choose not to. I am very grateful that I was awakened from my slumber, and introduced to my real self, The Real Me…..The Me, I’m Meant To Be



  1. Wow! you are really going to make a difference in a lot of peoples lifes.. You are really going to chnage thw world for the better,,The best part about it is that your doing it already!=]

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