Posted by: stephaniekathan | May 5, 2010

Learning Mindset

Many of my friends think I spend too much time studying, learning, attending webinars etc, and that I don’t do anything…….Wow! Nothing could be farther from the truth! When I made the decision to become a deliberate creator of my own life, I made a decision to do what it takes. Whatever it takes to change my life. What it takes is commitment to learn.

When I started my kids thought I was in a cult! I was writing all the time, reading all the time, talking to myself in the mirror all the time, they thought I had lost what was left of my mind! Finally I got them to understand that I was looking at this and treating this learning situation as a college course. If I was in college, I would be talking to myself, cramming for tests, reading all night, etc. So I created in my mind a mindset of learning. I became a student of self at the University of Life.

Learning takes time, it takes commitment, but most of all it takes a desire to learn the information you are studying! If you cheat, who are you really cheating? There is no one to make you do affirmations everyday, there is no one to monitor your time reading or studying only you! So if you are taking shortcuts, what you will end up with is shortcomings! And you will become discouraged that you have not reached your goals.

We are all responsible for our own results. If you want to create a life as a millionaire, it’s not going to flow through the remote into your lap. You must take action of some sort. You will be inspired with ideas, but if you don’t take action on the ideas you get, you end up where you always have been…..with no one to blame!

Learning is a mindset that I had to create within myself. I was terrible in school, I hated doing homework, and my grades were barely passing. What I have learned from that experience, is I did the best I could with the knowledge, understanding and skills I had at the time. Now my skills are different, my knowledge level is different, and the only one who grades me is me! I can tell how I’m doing by my results, and I understand that whatever is going on, is what I am allowing or creating.

Create a learning mindset within Yourself! It’s possible no matter what your past experience with learning might be. It’s how you think about what you are learning, how you FEEL about what you are learning, and gaining the understanding that learning equals growth. I have a white hot desire to learn, grow, and inspire others. I will continue to learn from the great masters before me as long as I am breathing, It is a learning mindset that I created for myself. If I can do it, just imagine what is possible for you!

Make a decision to learn! It only takes 10,000 hours to master something! You have the ability to become an expert in whatever you are passionate about! So it’s up to you to do it! Only you can create a learning mindset inside yourself, and only you are responsible for the results you are getting. Mistakes are not failure, it’s how we learn to do it better. Make mistakes! I’ve made lots of them! The difference is I learn from each of them because I created a learning mindset, and so can you! Think about what it is that you really want, and then start learning! Life is waiting for you to start living it, what are you waiting for?


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