Posted by: stephaniekathan | April 17, 2010

YES I Can!

One of the most amazing things I am experiencing, since I’ve changed my thinking…is the Power of Yes I Can! Those three words are life changing! I say them over and over all day long, and I find at the end of the day, not only was it Yes I Can, it became Yes I did!

Kind of hard to describe the power of it in words, but I just have to look at the results I’ve had in my life for all the proof I will ever need. Friends, and family although well-meaning, spend most of the time they spend with us telling us how we can’t do stuff. After I made the decision to reverse my thinking in that area, and only focus on what can be done, not only did they get done, they got done fast!

When I made the decision to make it my life purpose to inspire others through my experience, and help them become successful doing what brings them joy the power of I Can! became even stronger, and all the small steps I had taken on the way gained momentum! All the action I took on Inspired thought began to take shape in my mind’s eye. And what an amazing view of my life I was beginning to see!

Every time that I have taken action on an idea, immediately all the You Can’t Do That! people begin sharing their thoughts. There was a time this would discourage me and fill me with self-doubt. Now I am able to smile, because I KNOW The Power of I CAN! I know that as long as I continue to be the best person I can be, remain authentic to myself, and take as many people with me as I can, there are no limits to what I can do!

I will touch as many people as I can for as long as I am still breathing on this Earth, and spend each and every day creating great ripples of awareness in the world! Anytime you feel like the weight of the You Can’t Do That! energy is holding you back….you can lift it instantly by believing in the Power of Yes I Can!


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