Posted by: stephaniekathan | April 16, 2010

What Am I Waiting For?

As some of you know I gave an interview the other day with Dr. Karen Vizer on her Blog Talk Radio Show, Polish Your Headlights. That was such an amazing experience for me! The feeling of being so humbled and profoundly grateful as I listened to callers who’s life I was making a difference in!! Anyone who has been following my journey knows that it is my goal to be an International Speaker, inspiring others through my experience, and helping ordinary people live extraordinary lives. I didn’t know HOW any of this was going to happen when I put my intention out there to the Universe!

I saw no possible way of making it happen, but by having Total Faith, I knew The Universe would provide the right people, connections, relationships, and resources to create this reality. I have been studying, how to do fan pages, getting your brand, all fabulous information to know, but I want to touch people now! As I was putting myself in a wonderful feeling of appreciation it hit me! WHAT AM I WAITING FOR?

The right brand? The right Niche? The Right Time? One of the things that I am going to be speaking about is Living Life Now! So again I asked myself What Am I Waiting For? And the answer is I’m Not Waiting!! I know that the Universe is on my side, working through me to create some great ripples of awareness in the world! I don’t have to wait for anything! I am acting on my inspired thought even when I don’t quite understand it, or see how it will play into achieving my goal. The good news is I don’t have to worry about the HOW!

I have taken HOW completely out of the equation, I am focusing only on what Can be done, and I’m doing it! Scary? A little (ok a lot!) but I know on the other side of that terror barrier is a freedom like no other. I have experienced it several times as I have conquered various fears on my journey. So I am going for it! I only have this one life to live, it’s not a practice run, I don’t get a do-over. I am going to LIVE LIFE NOW! And I’m going to show others how to do it in the process!

If you have something inside you ready to come out, What are YOU waiting for? If you are waiting for the right time, The Time Is Now! Don’t take for granted that you will have another day to do things, we don’t get to control the length of time we spend on Earth, only how we choose to LIVE LIFE while we are here. So stop waiting, stop existing in life and start living it!
This I know for sure, I have never had so much fun, met so many amazing people, or got to experience so many amazing things, until I made the DECISION To become a deliberate creator of My Own Life.

It’s YOUR life! Why not live it the way you want to? What are You Waiting For?



  1. I was waiting for someone to introduce me to the last piece of the puzzle – Abraham-Hicks. Thank you, Stephanie, for being there to point me in the right direction when I was stalled.

    • Learning that we all have the power to communicate with our guides is having an amazing impact on my life, and the more awareness that is created…..the more we expand. It’s amazing.

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