Posted by: stephaniekathan | April 8, 2010

The Silver Lining

All through life we face challenges, sometimes horrors that no one should ever face in their existence.  Sometimes we think, well nobody has gone through what I have gone through, and you’re right! Each experience is different and unique to each individual, but the feelings are the same.

Whether you have been a victim of sexual abuse, physical abuse, alcoholic or drug addicted parents, foster homes, detention centers, jail, homelessness, poverty…..the list goes on and on…..and those are just the ones I have experienced!  I am sure your list is possibly even longer…It is never to late to stop being a victim, and start being a deliberate creator!

There comes a time when you say “I don’t want to live like this anymore”.  When that happens, start thinking about what you DO want.  Think about the kind of life you WANT to experience.  Write it all out in detail, right down to the way the flowers smell in your garden if you have one!  Begin to learn from your past experiences……there is a lesson in every thing you have ever gone through.

Once you embrace the past you have come through with amazing courage, you realize that you are stronger than you ever thought possible!  Look at what you have made it through in your life!  It has brought you to this moment right now, it has brought you here, in search of answers.

And you will find them.  With every challenge you have, there is an equal benefit.  Have you ever heard the saying every cloud has a silver lining?  It’s because it’s true!  We always hear it growing up, but we don’t  really believe it.  Well that is one thing that is true.  Every single adversity that you have come through, has brought with it an equivalent benefit.

You may not believe me, but if you look back through your life, think of how something didn’t turn out the way you wanted, but because it didn’t something better came along…….It happens all the time!  It’s just that sometimes we are so wrapped up in the negative thought process, that we are unable to open our eyes enough to see the silver lining even though it is always there.

The next time you are facing a challenge, ask yourself: What is the benefit in this?  Open yourself up to the possibility that there is one there.  Open your mind to what can be, and take your mind off what can’t be.  As time goes by, you will see more silver linings, and as you continue you will see every cloud surrounded by the wonderful silver lining sometimes disguised as hardship.

Stay positive, and allow yourself to stop living the victim life.  When you allow yourself to remain a victim, you keep yourself limited, and held down by beliefs that don’t serve you.  Don’t let everything you have been through be for nothing. Live! Conquer the fear of the victim, you already have all the strength you need, all you have to do is decide.


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