Posted by: stephaniekathan | April 7, 2010

Taking Action Creates Opportunity

When I first began making soap, and giving it away to friends so I could get feedback and make changes, I dreamed of making soap for celebrities. Little did I know at the time, those thoughts I was putting out there were creating the circumstances and bringing people into my life to actually make that happen! Just 2 years later!

And it all came by taking action on inspired thought, even it I didn’t understand it at the time. When Cranberry and Sage became a reality in my mind, it began to become a reality in my life.  By taking action on my inspired thought to give soap away.  During the Dew Tour held at Mt. Snow last year, I was bartending, and Cranberry and Sage was still just an intense desire, and an idea in the head of a bartender working herself back from homelessness. Starting over. During the Dew Tour, while the Long Trail and Bud Light reps.were handing out flashing necklaces and bottle openers, I was giving out soap behind the bar to my customers!

As I was looking around my bar full of people deciding who I was going to give my last 2pk of soaps to, I saw a woman approach, and sit.  I took her order, introduced myself, and gave her my soap. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I had just given my soap to T.V. Host-Evelyn Vaccaro.  You’ve seen her interviewing the stars for Reel TV! She loved my soap so much, she endorsed it on her website,(Which actors, producers, and directors visit regularly) and made me a sponsor for her skin care! Not only that, Evelyn also suggested I approach the Grand Summit Resort at Mt. Snow, and by taking action, my soaps are now featured in the V.I.P. Rooms of this Grand Hotel!

I have had the opportunity since I met Evelyn to attend two workshops she has given on the entertainment industry where I was able to learn not only more about the industry that I love so much, I was also able to create a product which best benefits skin which is under the stress of hot lights, heavy make-up and extreme weather. My desire to make soap for celebrities, and my persistence in never giving up even when others were laughing at my dreams.

Even when  my representative from SCORE told me ” Maybe you should just focus on the tourists for now”,  I didn’t let that deter me one bit, and by taking action, not only do I make soap for people in the entertainment industry, I have made a fabulous friend. Never Never Never give up and your dream will become your life.

Stephanie Kathan



  1. Just taking action, never stop and don’t give up.
    Stephanie, You are awesome and so inspiring. Thank You for sharing your jorney.

  2. Take action & never give up.
    Thank You for sharing your journey. this is inspiring.
    Now I know, in my way to achieving my goal and dream, I never alone. I know there are great successful people have the journey like this.

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